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The future of Web3 gaming just got a whole lot brighter with the launch of Hyperplay. The new game launcher and store aggregator, optimized for Metamask, has just been released in early access, according to a recent tweet from MetaMask.

So, what does this mean for gamers? For starters, Hyperplay makes it possible to use your MetaMask wallet across all games seamlessly. With the platform, you won’t have to switch tabs or minimize your game to make transactions as wallet confirmations will be shown in-game. Mobile users will even get popups for transactions on their phones.

But that’s not all. Hyperplay also provides an API for native games to integrate with Metamask, all powered by the MetaMask software development kit (SDK) and the browser extension. This makes it easier for developers to create and integrate blockchain-based features into their games.

This is a huge step forward for Web3 gaming as the Hyperplay platform will allow users to carry their MetaMask wallet with all their NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game they play. All devices, systems, and game progress can be coordinated effortlessly, making it a dream come true for gamers.

The fact that Hyperplay is also aggregating the Epic Games store, GOGcom store, and its own is also significant. Developers can now release their games through any store they choose, without the fear of de-platforming or extractive fees imposed by web2 monopolies. What’s even more impressive is that Hyperplay won’t be taking a cut of the developer’s in-game economy, unlike Apple, Sony, Xbox, and Steam, who all take 30% cuts of every purchase made.

The launch of Hyperplay has already caused a buzz within the gaming community, and many have shared their excitement about the new platform. It’s great to see the gaming industry embrace the benefits of blockchain technology, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Web3 gaming.

Web3 Gaming Made Easy

Platforms like Hyperplay will play a significant role in making Web3 gaming more accessible. By integrating blockchain-based features into traditional games, gamers will no longer have to switch between different platforms to access their NFTs and tokens. With the ability to carry their MetaMask wallet across all games, users will be able to coordinate effortlessly across devices, systems, and game progress. Additionally, the fact that Hyperplay is aggregating multiple game stores means that developers can release their games without fear of de-platforming or extractive fees imposed by web2 monopolies. This will not only give gamers more options but also help to foster a more inclusive gaming environment for everyone. With these kinds of platforms, Web3 gaming is set to become much more accessible, bringing more gamers into the world of blockchain-based gaming.

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