This Artist Amazingly Depicts Avatars Lit By Intense Virtual Light & Shadow

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Ooxooi is fascinated by light and shadow. He shoots avatars, mostly faces, all both obscured and revealed by the interplay of light and shadow. His photostream is phenomenal, both for its extraordinary focus and its breathtaking pictures. “The Crack” reminds me Leonard Cohen’s song “Anthem” and its lyrics, “Ring the bells that still can ring / Forget your perfect offering /

There is a crack, a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in.”

For more of his extraordinary work, click here:

Screenshot (709)

“Seeing through” gives us the penumbra of an eclipse when the shadow does not block all the light. Whether an overlay or tattoo, there appear to be lines on his face that make me think of the layers of the Earth’s crust, the geological strata under our feet. The brightest spot of the ring is where the Third Eye would be, probably not a coincidence. The third eye is supposed to be linked to our spiritual awakening; however, when I think of the Third Eye, I think of a Portland head shop that was legendary among many of my friends and colleagues. 

Screenshot (710)

“The Recluse” is so startling. It again has that brilliant light emanating from or shining on the third eye with expanding rings of light, a very faint light. There are faint pinpoints of light constellated around the brilliant “sun.” Then the smoke floats up, wafting in front of his face like an offering. 

It’s probably a coincidence, but Ooxooi is such a deliberate and thoughtful artist, it might be intentional. Take a moment for an unfocused look toward the right of the picture. If you stare you might not see it, but relaxing, looking at nothing, can allow you to perceive things you might miss. When I do that I see the outline of a closed eye in the smoke. Try it! 

Ooxooi is an excellent artist. His work makes me excited to see more. I love that he experiments broadly within a singular focus. His work is a reminder that boundaries and limits stimulate the imagination and often allow more creativity than complete freedom. 

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All images copyright Ooxooi

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