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The creators of Goblin Town, the popular NFT collection, have recently been revealed to be behind the viral BiG iNC website. The website’s unique selling point is that the less profitable a trader is, the higher they rank. The top 1000 worst crypto traders can mint a free acceptance letter to BiG iNC, with the remaining supply distributed to various Truth Labs NFT ownership combinations.

The website’s acceptance process involves a four-step process. Firstly, traders need to fill out a questionnaire. Secondly, they can check their ranking on the Down Bad Board, which requires them to be one of the top 1000 worst crypto traders in all of Web3. After that, the third step is redacted, and finally, traders can mint for either .096 ETH or 50% off if they use $PEPE. The maximum number of mints allowed in the public sale is three per person, and influencers are pre-rejected.

The BiG iNC website has unique incentives and rewards for people to use $PEPE, making it the first collection to do so. The website also offers different types of acceptance letters, and the top 1000 on the Down Bad Board will have 24 hours to mint their free acceptance letter.

Furthermore, various NFT ownership combinations, such as Illuminati, Believer Pass, and Those Who Remain trait, will receive a free general acceptance letter or special acceptance letters. Goblin and Grumpl owners will also receive free acceptance letters.

The BiG iNC website is a unique take on NFTs that offers incentives and rewards for the less profitable traders, making it stand out from other NFT collections. Its acceptance process and various ownership combinations make it an intriguing project for NFT enthusiasts to keep an eye on.

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