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With the advancement of technology and the rise of blockchain, leading brands like Mercedes-Benz are carving out a niche for themselves in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. Enter Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, a revolutionary step in digitizing the brand’s historic design heritage.

The Era of Luxury Awaits

On September 5th, Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons will unveil “The Era of Luxury.” Comprising 2,694 NFT collectibles, enthusiasts can acquire these prized digital tokens via a rebate Dutch auction. This unique method starts at 18:00 CEST and promises to be an event to remember for tech-savvy collectors and Mercedes-Benz aficionados alike.

Taking a Deep Dive into Mercedes-Benz’s Design Lineage

Mercedes-Benz has long been a beacon of innovation and design. The NXT Icons collection is no different. It’s a digital reimagining of the brand’s most iconic designs, a collaboration of past, present, and future crafted meticulously by the Mercedes-Benz design team.

A Multi-Era Digital Experience

Mercedes-Benz isn’t stopping at one era. The NXT Icons story will be told across seven distinct eras, each made available through a separate rebate Dutch auction. While the Dutch auction for the inaugural era is earmarked for September 5th, subsequent eras will keep the momentum going, ensuring a prolonged engagement for collectors.

Understanding the Rebate Dutch Auction

Unlike traditional auctions where bids climb until one victor emerges, a Dutch auction begins high, decreasing gradually until supply is claimed or a resting price is achieved. Over a 90-minute window, prices will linearly drop from an initial 1 eth down to a base of 0.1 eth. Should any tokens remain post-auction, they’ll be available at a static 0.1 eth. Unique to the rebate Dutch auction, participants will all contribute the same amount for their digital collectibles. After the auction’s conclusion, bidders can reclaim the difference between their token payment and the final selling price via the Mercedes-Benz website.

Mystery Before Mastery

Post minting, an air of mystery will cloak the NFTs. Specific visuals and metadata will remain under wraps, revealing themselves only 24 hours post-auction. But fret not, an identical visual will symbolize each Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons collectible during this interim.

Access for All

The world of Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons is inclusive, welcoming everyone. Those possessing a mint pass gain the privilege to mint one digital collectible during any of the Dutch auctions across the seven eras, without incurring a fee. Gratefully, holders of select “Maschine” and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities tokens can claim a mint pass. Using the mint pass incurs a blockchain transaction, leading to its subsequent burn.

An International Affair with a Caveat

While the NFT space is borderless, regulatory norms and taxation prerequisites dictate the participation eligibility. Currently, collectors from EU countries, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the U.K., the U.S., and Taiwan can partake. Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to expanding this list in future endeavors.

Safety First

Mercedes-Benz NXT urges collectors to stay vigilant. Impersonators are rife, and the brand emphasizes that mints will always be publicized seven days in advance across a minimum of two official channels. Stealth mints are off the table, and the brand’s focus remains on safety and authenticity.

TLDR: Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons is launching a digital collection of NFTs called “The Era of Luxury” via a rebate Dutch auction. This collection embodies the brand’s design legacy and will unfold across seven eras. The auction has unique features, and safety measures are in place to protect collectors.


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