The NFT Groundswell 🥳 – by William M. Peaster

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Dear Bankless Nation,

It seems like around NFTs there are two kinds of people right now.

The more speculative trader types, who are dejected at the bite of the NFT bear market.

Then on the other hand there are the more creative explorer types, who are currently having a ball experimenting with new apps.

I know which camp I’m in. Just this week alone I’ve tested out a handful of new NFT projects, and they were all treats in one way or another.

These sorts of new innovations are all around us at the moment, you just have to zoom in and experiment. If you do, you’ll find the foundations of tomorrow’s NFT wonders being laid today!

In the meantime, thanks as always for reading everyone. Have a great weekend, now let’s get you caught up on the latest NFT intrigues ✌️


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Over the past week, the floor-based market cap of the NFT space rose from 7.54 million ETH to 8.55 million ETH for a 13.4% increase ⤴️ 

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  • Lazy Lions introduced Lazy AI, an AI-powered character builder system.

  • Pudgy Penguins unveiled its own clothing brand, Igloo

  • Rainbow, the Ethereum wallet, added support for NFT offers

Back in early 2020 when I started diving deeply into NFTs for the first time, I remember seeing The Museum of Crypto Art start up. The mission? Support and highlight the rising scene of artists making blockchain-based art. Since then, MOCA’s been a true force for good and has shined as a creator-first institution in the NFT ecosystem. 

All that said, 2023 has been a tough year on most crypto team’s treasuries, so MOCA’s raising operational funds through an open edition (OE) of a mosaic work featuring contributions from over 700 cryptoartists. The 0.0142069 ETH a pop will go to a good cause, yet MOCA’s also emphasized the pieces will be burnable going forward for art contributed by community artists. No rush here though, as there’s still a little over one week remaining to mint. 

1. Chainleftist on Mooncats

2. 0xKepler on onchain games

3. Andrew Jiang on onchain gen art

4. Ben Giove on Stake-to-Play (S2P)

5. on the 6 main NFTfi verticals

It’s a double whammy Tool Tip! This week 0xKepler unveiled, a news aggregator for onchain games, and thecoreloop launched the On-Chain Space Station, which is like an onchain gaming wiki. I’ve skimmed through both resources and have been really impressed, so if you’re even remotely interested in the crossroads of NFTs and gaming make sure you bookmark and track these awesome info hubs going forward!

William M. Peaster is the creator of Metaversal — a Bankless newsletter focused on the emergence of NFTs in the cryptoeconomy. He’s also a senior writer for the main Bankless newsletter.

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