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In a remarkable journey through the depths of the swamp and its treacherous sewers, eager participants vied for the chance to extract a key from a mysterious monkey’s space-tearing anus. Alas, not everyone emerged victorious. However, those who succeeded found themselves in possession of a chest adorned with intriguing stories, containing a Power Source and a peculiar bone-shaped remote. Today, we delve into the exciting developments surrounding the Power Source and its sentient form.

The Power Source Unveiled: After acquiring the Power Source, you might have already noticed its metadata update, signaling its readiness for display on various marketplaces. In case your HV (Hybrid Vessel) remains in its previous form, a simple refresh of its marketplace listing should encourage it to shed its shyness and reveal its true nature. Prepare to be amazed!


Decoding the Trait System: The HV-MTL collection introduces eight distinct types of HVs, each offering a unique experience. With over 1,050 traits available throughout the collection, our team meticulously crafted a trait system that follows a rarity scale within each HV-MTL class. However, determining the appropriate model to accurately rank the rarity of each HV was no easy task. We must admit, Gary’s weed might have played a role, for better or worse.

Impact on HV Rarity: Token IDs for HV-MTLs were assigned based on the participants’ Sewer Pass rankings in the thrilling Dookey Dash. Leveraging a Probabilistic formula, the HV’s rarity ranking corresponds directly to its token ID. Thus, your final Sewer Pass rank from Dookey Dash determines the rarity of your HV upon summoning. It’s essential to note that this rarity is predetermined and not subject to randomization upon summoning. If you still possess a ranked Sewer Pass, remember that the only way to engage in HV-MTL: Forge (the next game activation) is by summoning your Evo 1 from it. In a nutshell, your HV-MTL’s token ID also serves as its rarity ranking within our comprehensive model.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of the Power Source’s evolution and the intricacies of the rarity ranking system, it’s time to embark on an exciting journey with your unique HV. Remember, your HV is a dynamic NFT that evolves based on your decisions, so make them count. Enjoy the adventure, but be mindful not to mess things up. Happy exploring!

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