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In a space often characterized by hype, rapid financial gains, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), artist Gabe Weis brings us a thought-provoking NFT collection—The Blame Game: An Anti-Stoic Collection. This project aims to shed light on the contrasting philosophies governing the behaviors and attitudes within the NFT community: Stoicism and Anti-Stoicism.

The Stoic vs. The Anti-Stoic

The Stoic philosophy embodies the virtues of patience, self-control, and the pursuit of meaningful relationships. It places emphasis on things within our control and advocates for uplifting creative artists. In stark contrast, the Anti-Stoic mentality thrives on blaming others for individual mistakes, seeking constant validation, and hastily jumping from one NFT to another in hopes of quick wealth, often disregarding the consequences on others. The Blame Game serves as a magnifying glass on these diverging perspectives, compelling us to scrutinize our own attitudes and the prevailing culture within the NFT space.


The Ethos Behind the Collection

Gabe Weis has designed this collection to be more than just a set of aesthetically pleasing digital assets. It serves as a commentary on the negativity and blame culture that has permeated some parts of the NFT community. While some of the individuals and projects featured in this collection may not deserve the negativity directed at them, some arguably do. The power to decide this lies in the hands of the collectors. Weis encourages those who disagree with the portrayal of a particular entity to destroy the NFT, thereby making the entire collection scarcer and more valuable for others.

A Personal Note from the Artist

Despite the collection’s critical undertone, Gabe Weis acknowledges the transformative impact of Web3 technologies on his life. He shares his gratitude for the connections he’s made, be it through drawing for people, attending events, or participating in online discussions. In doing so, Weis reminds us of the positive potential of the Web3 space, advocating for more enjoyment and less hostility.

Mechanics and Special Features

The collection will officially launch on October 12th at 6:30 pm ET, employing a pack mechanic with a total of 260 editions available for purchase. Each pack contains unique editions, and the odds of obtaining each will differ. The collection will feature 10 Rare animated 1/1s and 50 5/5s.

For those collectors who acquire 5 or more pieces, a special choice awaits. They can either retain their NFTs or incinerate five of them for an opportunity to have a 30-minute video chat with Gabe Weis. During this session, a personalized 1/1 NFT will be sketched for the collector. The choice regarding incineration has to be made within a week after minting.

The Blame Game offers a nuanced and reflective lens through which we can examine the NFT community and our roles within it. It’s not just about collecting digital art; it’s about participating in a larger discourse that questions our values, actions, and the ethical implications of our choices in the rapidly evolving NFT space. By doing so, it provides a pathway for more meaningful dialogue and constructive evolution of the community at large.

So, as we dive into The Blame Game, let’s not just view it as another NFT collection to add to our portfolios. Let’s engage with it as a community, debate its merits, and decide the path forward, one NFT at a time.

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