Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Tips for Victims and Family

Now is your chance to relive the cult movie classic Texas Chain Saw Massacre in all its gory glory. This new multiplayer asymmetric horror survival game pits you as either a Victim or a member of the ruthless Family, a group of senseless murderers who delight in killing for sport.

Whether you awake in the basement as a Victim or choose to dominate the match as one of the Family, the odds are never guaranteed to be in your favor. Mastering the art of slaughter or escape is crucial to winning in this horrific game. Here are some tips to carry you through your first few matches as either a Victim or the Family.

Tips for Family

Welcome to the Slaughter Family. For reasons unknown, you have captured and tortured four Victims, chaining them up in the basement until you decide what to do with them. As luck would have it, all four have escaped from their bonds, and if you don’t kill them soon, they could end up escaping. But perhaps you like playing with your food? Here are some tips for getting started as a bloodthirsty killer in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game:

Look For Blood Trails

Seems like all that work you put into torturing your captives has paid off. As the game goes on, Victims will begin to leave a trail of blood behind them. If a Victim is taking too long to escape, the trail will become more and more visible. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the ground or risk overlooking the most direct hint to a Victim’s location.

Pay Attention to Sound Cues

Whenever a Victim makes a lot of noise, a red circle will temporarily appear in that location on the map. This audio indicator can mean a number of things – a Victim opening a door, someone running through bones, alerting chickens. It could even be another member of the Family. Check out these disturbances when they appear to rule out a sneaky Victim’s hiding spot.

Level Up Grandpa

The first thing you’ll want to do as the Family is wake up Grandpa. The Family patriarch might not be mobile, but he has a powerful ability to detect Victims wherever they are, highlighting nearby Victims on the map.

Find him and feed him as much blood as possible before your Victims escape to the surface. To do this, you’ll need to gather blood via blood buckets that can be found scattered throughout the map. Once you collect blood, return to Grandpa and feed it to him. If you’ve fed Grandpa enough blood, his Victim detection ability will grow stronger at an alarming rate.

Tips for Victims

While searching for your missing friend Maria Flores, you were caught by the infamous Family. Now you are gravely wounded and chained up in the basement, with escape being your only option to survive. If you plan to get out, you will need to not only avoid the killers, but be resourceful in how you search for an escape. Here are some tips if you are just starting out as a Victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Noise at the Beginning

When you first load into a game, you’ll be chained up in a basement and have to escape. If it’s you’re first time playing, you may not want to make a lot of noise to escape your shackles. But don’t worry. This is the one time you can afford to make some noise. Mash the escape button until you fall. Once you hit the ground, you’ll need to start being as silent as possible.

Take Advantage of Escape Animations

Whenever you’re crawling through a space, squeezing through a wall, or falling into a well, you cannot take damage. You may see some family members attacking you but don’t worry because you can’t take damage as long as you’re in that animation.

However, it’s worth pointing out that you’re not fully protected. Leatherface is the only Family member capable of hurting you while moving through walls. He can stick his chain saw through wall cracks to hit you, so be wary when facing off against Leatherface.

All Chickens Must Die

Be careful when you’re near a chicken – even they’re trying to kill you to some degree. If you get too close to a caged chicken or make enough noise in the vicinity, they’ll begin to to cluck up a storm.

The racket a chicken makes when disturbed informs the whole Family that someone is nearby them. Luckily, even if a chicken is alerted, you won’t be marked. Only the chicken will appear to all the Family with an audio indicator, so ensure you get away quickly.

Did you know that there are multiple ways to escape from the Slaughter Family? Our How To Escape guide breaks down how to use the Fuse Box, Car Battery, and more to open an escape exit. Or perhaps you’re struggling to pick the best perks to unlock to build a loadout for your favorite character? Once you’ve figured out How To Level Up, check out our Best Perks page for our top recommendations!

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