Summary of ARK Invest’s “Big Ideas” report

We recently highlighted the great acquisition of ARK Invest cryptocurrencies, which was released as part of their Big Ideas 2022 report. The big idea we covered was one of ARK’s most notorious ideas throughout the report, modeling a potential bitcoin path to $ 1 million per mark by 2030.

However, there is more to digest than the Big Ideas report – the annual summary of innovation that has been going on for five years by the ARK Invest team. So let’s take a look at some other cryptocurrency ideas from the ARK team that have been uncovered in this recent article.

Bringing great ideas…

There are a number of blockchain և crypto-related buckets included in the Big Ideas report, so as we save you the content and prospects of electric cars, artificial intelligence և 3D printing, we will certainly reflect on ARK’s mood. Ethereum, Web3, digital wallets, etc.

ARK sees blockchain technology evolving at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43% over the next eight years, expanding from current market capitalization of about $ 1.4T to market capitalization of approximately $ 49T by 2030. This is a more aggressive CAGR than the other major categories outlined by ARK, except for robotics.

Moreover, the company generally sees blockchain technology as a vessel to a world where “everything can become like money – exchangeable, liquid, quantitative”, that digital wallets have the power of great disruption, adding that wallets can allow consumers “Keep power.” in the pocket of a bank branch և demand wholesale prices for many financial transactions. ”

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When in doubt, zoom it out. The 5-year BTC chart is a stark reminder that big price forecasting for BTC isn't necessarily unreasonable. | Source: BTC-USD on

More about digital wallets

Centralized չէ It is not necessary that cryptocurrency digital wallets have already sprouted and become massive finance players. Cash App, Venmo և rivals storm personal finances, և ARK expects large-scale growth at around 70% per year. Last year, digital wallets outperformed cash at retail outlets, and blockchain and crypto could no doubt absorb some of that growth. In addition, ARK rightly points out that digital wallets can also serve as a point of contact for Web3.0 assets such as NFTs.

Let’s talk about the broader blockchain

As crypto continues to grow, ARK still focuses on the origins of BTC, noting that the company “believes that bitcoin is the deepest application of public blockchain”, but adding that it has spurred the DeFi և Web3.0 revolution. ARK Invest emphasizes the public blockchain infrastructure for their decentralized, inadmissible nature, open source networks, wide user involvement, and involvement. Moreover, the report cites the vision of public blockchains, which affects huge classes of assets (cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, etc.) as the Internet revolutionized a number of asset classes (such as online radio, television, etc.). news: և e-commerce).

This idea became more embodied և divided into three buckets of revolution: money, finance և internet. The graph below, taken directly from the Big Ideas report, presents this picture in an interesting way.

Later in the report there is also a special section for Ethereum և DeFi, as well as for Web3. In these sections, ARK highlights DeFi և NFTs, which boost demand for Ethereum, leading to a boost in demand for Ethereum 2.0 սպաս Layer 2 solutions. At the same time, ARK Invest predicts that Ethereum will potentially grow more than 50 times its market capitalization over the next decade. In addition, ARK describes the inadmissible, unfettered, transparent, public nature of DAOs as particularly unique, and cites digital ownership as accelerating society’s continued transition to a more online world.

Finally, while NFTs are a bit more “silos” today, ARK Invest envisions blurring the line between consumption and investment, a more complete experience around the NFT և Play-to-Earn worlds.

More “great ideas.” focus on bitcoin

As the ARK team has done before, they have dedicated an entire section of the Big Ideas report to Bitcoin և Bitcoin only. ARK sees network participants as maturing և on long-term attention, while still showing exceptional year-on-year growth in almost any indicator, including average transaction values, average daily transfers, and cumulative annual transfers. How will this continue? The report highlights the growth of Lightning Network, the growth of acceptance աճ the growth of institutional owners, among other things.

In fact, according to the report, collected in November 2021, “stock exchanges, countries and corporations accounted for 8% of bitcoin supplies.” The deck continues to address environmental, social management (ESG) concerns often cited by critics, with crypto mining as a “digital-monetary energy network”, citing the mining industry as “revolutionizing energy production”. green energy stimulates.

Of course, we will not allow to publish the most daring version of them, which brought us to this point today – the symbolic price of $ 1 million BTC. Cut me in 2030.

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