Hi Captains, thanks for being a part of the NFT Captains community⚓

The NFT Captains website and social media platforms gained a big following which results in high traction and daily online traffic. This allows us to offer various interesting advertising options for NFT related projects and to share them with the enthusiastic community. Read below for more information about our advertising options.


#1 NFTs to Watch – 0.3 ETH

There are three places on the homepage where NFT projects can be highlighted. The project will be highlighted for one month. This is an ideal opportunity to gather attention amongst an enthusiastic community. This includes: a photo, a small description, link to your website, price and release date for your project.

#2 NFTs Calendar – 0.2 ETH

On our website, NFT projects are highlighted by means of a NFT calendar, both on the homepage and in the NFT calendar page. This makes your project visible and findable for future NFT collectors. This includes: an image, price, release date and link to the socials. 

#3 Article Post – 0.2 ETH

Posting an Article or interview on our website, about (for example) your NFT project can provide more exposure and awareness. The post will be permanent and will also appear on the homepage. In addition, NFT Captains is Google News Approved, so your article will be visible in Google within minutes.

#4 Social Media Posts (All Platforms) – 0.2 ETH

Your project will be posted on all of our NFT Captains social media accounts. Posts will create a lot exposure and awareness among the right audience. Your message can be for example a promotional video, NFT project, music release or image. Includes: Instagram (200.000+), TikTok (100.000+), Facebook (50.000+).

#5 Youtube Video – 0.3 ETH

The last option we offer is a mention about your project in a video on the NFT Captains Youtube channel. Every month we release a video, where we discuss NFT news, the marketplace, new projects and events. Your project will be highlighted through an explanation, which contains general information about the project and its benefits.

Total Promotional Bundle with all 5 options – 1 ETH (0.2 ETH SAVINGS)❗


Fill the form below (or send an email to for your submission. We will contact you within 24 hours with information to process your submission! We don’t accept pornographic/NSFW/illegal material.


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