SL Friday Fashion Finds: Fantasy Roleplay from The Rabbit Hole

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Born from Chaos or #865 is by Lita Menges on the blog The Rabbit Hole. That tattooing is a real commitment. The shoes work perfectly with the bodysuit, almost as though they are a set. That E-Clipse Design Tail confuses me, but delightfully so. It all becomes clear in the next post. She has a cybernetic arm so she is all set for the next transhumanist roleplay. It’s coming, what with spatial computing, prosthetic technology, and Neuralink (downright evil animal testing).

For more roleplay ready designs, click here:

Snow Beasts

Snow Beasts or 857 takes us to a chillier clime. That Demon from [Rezz Room] is everything. It’s the abominable snow dragon, the demon of the ice, the Valhalla of Japan. It’s whatever you want it to be. Lita explores the next evolutionary iteration of humanity with her Rocket Legs, another cybernetic gizmo grafted on. Here you can see the body and sleeves of that jacket from E-clipse Design. I love those sleeves. 

The Rabbit Hole is a fun blog focusing very much on fantastical outfits for roleplay. Lita Menges walks right up to the NSFW line, but she doesn’t step over it. I like the imagination and the freshness of her style even though I can’t picture myself wearing it, but I can like, even love, things that aren’t for me. I wish her blog had an About Me page. 

The menu only gives page views and sponsors. I also had some difficulty navigating the page. The cursor misbehaved, almost as though there were some widget that conflicted with it. That is likely a me-problem because her blog is not overrun with widgets. Her pictures are excellent. She gives full credits. A nice addition would be adding the end date for events. 

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All images copyright Lita Menges

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Cajsa Lilliehook is a sixteen year resident of Second Life, where she owned a photo studio, spent several years as a DJ at The Velvet, and for her first SL job, cleaned up prim trash. She co-founded and runs the It’s Only Fashion blog with her best friend Gidge Uriza. She also has a book review blog, Tonstant Weader Reviews and a cooking blog, Single Serving Recipes. She spends a lot of time researching and reporting on Republican sexual predators. In her first life, she is a retired grassroots leader who has worked for economic and social justice issues most of her life. She is also the minion of a cat named Nora.

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