SL Friday Fashion Blog: Lovely Virtual Home Decor Ideas from MIRU

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

M I R U has a lovely blog called MIRU in SL with a laser focus on decor. In the post Warm-Hearted Tales, she imagines our avatars continuing to live while we’re logged out, or in this case, to work, sewing away in this gorgeous room. 

Isn’t that Poppy Treepod lamp extraordinary? I want one in my real life. I might take up sewing if I could do it in such a lovely room. That’s not true. I’ve not touched a sewing machine since 8th grade home-ec. 

8f8 – Imagine Collection @ Anthem event that ends December 30th

8f8 Marketplace

  • 8f8 – Imagine…  – Warm-Hearted Tales Keeper
  • 8f8 – Imagine… – Poppy Treepod
  • 8f8 – Imagine… – Pins & Pods
  • 8f8 – Imagine… – Out of The Box
  • 8f8 – Imagine… – Granny's Fabric Dancer
  • 8f8 – Imagine… -  Let me see….
  • 8f8 – Imagine… -  Lily…. 

For more decor, click here:


“Handmade” shares a lovely lunch with soup and a sandwich. If you look at her pictures, you can see she has a deep love for the old, worn, and traditional. It comes through in picture after picture and is so warm and inviting. I love this aesthetic and then I love the crisp minimalism of mid-century modern and today’s decor. In an ideal world I would have two houses and could teleport between them depending on my mood. Does that make SL an ideal world? 

..::THOR::..LM Country Kitchen Clutters

  • ..::THOR::.. Handmade Cookies
  • ..::THOR::.. Rolling Pins Holder
  •  ..::THOR::.. Country Cook Book

 {what next} L

  • {what next} Soup & Sandwich Set
  • {wn} Soup & Sandwich (wood) V2

MIRU in SL is a very minimalist blog with her pictures leading to the blog posts. There is no list of sponsors or social media that you usually find though she does post a link to her Flickr at the end of her post. This means she doesn’t have an “About” page to share her social media in case someone wants to find her but they can email her on Flickr. I love that she has a consistent aesthetic.

On the "could be improved side", the blog does not list the SLurls of stores that do not sponsor her which is a common practice, but can make it hard for readers. I would like it if she listed the end date of the event, but hardly anyone does. I just love when they do.

If you love warm, cozy, and comfortably worn furnishings and buildings, you will love Miru in SL. 

See all of Cajsa's Choices here. Follow Cajsa on Flickr, on Twitter, on her blog, and on her Ko-Fi.

All images copyright M I R U

Suggest images and Flickr feeds to Cajsa: Cajsa’s Choices is devoted to unique, artistic, and innovative virtual world-based images and screenshots that showcase the medium as an art form and Second Life as a creative platform. (Generally not images that fit on this Bingo card.) To recommend the best in virtual world imagery, tag the picture with #CasjaNWN or tag Cajsa Lilliehook by adding her to the photo. 

Cajsa Lilliehook is a sixteen year resident of Second Life, where she owned a photo studio, spent several years as a DJ at The Velvet, and for her first SL job, cleaned up prim trash. She co-founded and runs the It’s Only Fashion blog with her best friend Gidge Uriza. She also has a book review blog, Tonstant Weader Reviews and a cooking blog, Single Serving Recipes. She spends a lot of time researching and reporting on Republican sexual predators. In her first life, she is a retired grassroots leader who has worked for economic and social justice issues most of her life. She is also the minion of a cat named Nora.

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