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Responses by Kalok Yeung.

Design core: The site’s core features and design elements and style comprise a dynamic, customizable visual slider on the homepage tailored to various campaigns and a more structured product overview layout. We’ve also integrated 3-D furniture models for a comprehensive view of the products. Additionally, users can use AR by scanning QR codes to visualize the furniture in their homes. To ensure a cohesive look, we’ve chosen a single font and size for the entire design, which adds to the visual appeal and makes the furniture stand out.

Challenges: One of the challenges we faced while building the site was making it look great without relying on lots of fancy animations or movements to appear modern. We wanted to create a design that would still be easy to use and wouldn’t go out of style quickly.

Navigation structure: When creating our navigation, we wanted to keep things simple. We got the idea from a poster that had all its text in a single row, which looked super clean. We decided to use this idea in the OWL design to keep it straightforward.

Additionally, because we’re working with the web, we included two different menu styles. One places the menu front and center with a big logo for a bold look, and the other has a more standard compact menu for when you need more space.

Technology: We used Shopify, Next.js and three.js, along with a custom CMS for easy content management for OWL.

Favorite details: The intro animation enhances OWL’s brand memorability. It showcases OWL’s brand colors and sets the tone for the entire website.

At the same time, the well-structured product overview, with its rigid layout, ensures you have all the necessary information easily accessible. These two elements work together to give OWL’s website a unique character.

We really appreciate the images page with the top slider, which allows you to visualize how OWL’s furniture can fit into different spaces, adding practicality and engagement to the website.


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