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Responses by MONOGRID.

Background: Created by us and eyewear innovation hub EssilorLuxottica Creative Hub, this site delivers an engaging digital experience that delves into the rich history of renowned eyewear, sport and lifestyle brand Oakley. Through this interactive platform, users are transported into a branded world where they can explore Oakley’s journey, discover its evolution and gain profound insights into the brand’s technologies. The target audience for this site primarily includes Oakley enthusiasts, brand aficionados and individuals interested in exploring the brand’s heritage.

Larger picture: This site is a vital component of a broader promotional campaign known as Future Genesis and a pivotal element within the campaign’s overall strategy. It serves as an engaging, immersive platform designed to captivate users, drawing them into the brand’s legacy and product offerings as part of the larger promotional efforts.

Design core: The site’s core features encompass a time-traveling narrative, interactive exploration of Oakley’s history, and the collection of brand-related objects and curiosities. One aspect we take particular pride is in the seamless integration of storytelling throughout the user’s journey. The site weaves a coherent narrative thread, enabling users to gradually uncover the brand’s history. Furthermore, the inclusion of Easter eggs within specific environments adds an additional layer of engagement and discovery, making the experience even more memorable.

Challenges: Undoubtedly, one of the most formidable challenges was managing a substantial amount of content and intricate scenes created in Unity while ensuring smooth performance across a wide range of devices, including those that may not possess the latest hardware and software technologies.

Alternate paths: If given the opportunity to start the site anew, we might consider further optimization of content to achieve even smoother performance across a broader range of devices.

Navigation structure: The navigation structure was thoughtfully designed to guide users on a captivating journey through distinct eras of Oakley’s history. Notably, the site incorporates several innovative navigational features, including a first-person perspective that directly immerses users in the action, a focus mode that facilitates detailed interaction with 3-D objects and a sophisticated cutscene system that enhances the narrative aspect. These features collectively place users at the heart of the Oakley universe, enabling real-time interaction with the brand’s narrative and products.

Technology: The website development is divided into two distinct parts: the web part and the experience 3-D part. The experience 3-D part was created using the Unity 3D game engine, with C# as the primary programming language. This choice let us create a seamless user experience and eliminate disruptive loading screens, even on mobile devices.

For the creation of the environment and the three-dimensional reconstruction of products, we used two key tools—Blender and Substance Painter—thus contributing to improving the overall visual quality of the experience.

Furthermore, the site features a series of noteworthy audio enhancements. These include era-specific soundtracks and ambient audio synchronized with the 3-D environments and animations. In addition to this, custom audio effects related to the user interface and AI-powered voiceovers have been integrated to enrich the narrative and provide users with an engaging, consistent guide during their journey within the site.

The combination of these technical features significantly contributes to the immersiveness of the platform, revolutionizing the way users interact with digital branding experience.

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