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Nifty Gateway’s latest collaborative drop, “Frens,” is making waves in the NFT world, with amazing artists coming together to create stunning pieces that push their limits and showcase their individual talents. One of the standout artists featured in this drop is Noealz, who has brought together a group of talented collaborators to create pieces that capture the essence of cities like Tokyo and Seoul. Through their collaborative efforts, they have shown that artists can help each other and create something new beyond their individual capabilities. The result is a unique collection of NFTs that are not only visually stunning but also demonstrate the power of collaboration in the art world.

The idea behind this drop is to push our limits and to help one another, hence the drop name “Frens”. Often as artists, we feel that we need to rely on influencers or the algorithm to favor us to get some exposure, or likes or retweets, but we often forget that we can help each other. My collectors can learn about new artists, and my friends’ collectors can learn about each of us as well. – Noealz

Jarvinart x Noealz: “Tokyo Techno Dreams”


Tokyo is a city of boundless possibility, one that can be interpreted and reinterpreted in countless ways. A place that inspires visions of both futurism and cyberpunk, it is a city that defies easy categorization. While it is not difficult to capture Tokyo’s essence through photography, the medium inevitably falls short in fully conveying the depth and complexity of this remarkable metropolis.
As an admirer of Idil’s visionary cyberscapes, I have longed to collaborate with her in bringing Tokyo to life. With her exceptional talent and unique perspective, Idil possesses the ability to unlock the true potential of Tokyo, to reveal its hidden dimensions and unseen layers. Together, we can explore this captivating city and push the boundaries of what is possible, uncovering new vistas of imagination and creativity.

A bit more about this piece, the picture itself was shot in Shinjuku at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in the direction facing Mt. Fuji. You can see Mt. Fuji towering over the city on a clear day. Idil took my photograph and used her magic to paint and edit the image and add some very aesthetic atmosphere to the image.

RubenFro x Noealz: “Digital Soju”

Seoul is a shimmering, iridescent metropolis that seems to resemble and encapsulates the essence of cyberpunk; a deep skepticism of authority and corporate power, as well as a fascination with advanced technology and its potential to transform society. Often portraying a dystopian future where technology has gone awry. Cyberpunk embodies a rebellious and anti-establishment spirit, with those who challenge the status quo and fight for individual freedom in the face of oppressive systems.

Few artists have the ability to stir such strong feelings of defiance towards neo-dystopias as Ruben. As a long-time admirer of his work, I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation to collaborate on a project that would bring his unique perspective to Seoul. With his exceptional talent and visionary style, Ruben has added a new dimension to our exploration of cyberpunk aesthetics, elevating the artwork to new heights of evocative power.

A bit more about this piece, we have been collaborating on this piece since October 2021. Ruben taught me what I should do to complete this piece, and I went out and bought a 360 camera for the sole purpose of collaborating together. I headed out into the city and shot multiple places that might look great and Ruben chose which footage to work with. He then worked his magic and even added in the sounds, truly masterful. This location is called “Meat Street” in Seoul, South Korea, ripe with BBQ and yes, lots of soju. The name digital soju came to mind because while I was out shooting this footage, a soju bottle fell from one of the roofs and shattered next to me.

Tokyoluv x Noealz: “Gangnam Luv “

When people think of Korea, Gangnam often comes to mind as a lively and bustling area where one can easily get caught up in the excitement of the night. It’s a place where you’re unlikely to find a moment of peace if you visit. Thinking of dynamic environments, there’s another name that comes to mind – Mac. I’ve known him through social media for years, well before the emergence of NFTs. We both possess the talent for bringing our photos to life through animation, albeit with distinct styles. For some time now, I’ve been curious about what we could create together, and that opportunity has finally arrived. Through his perspective, we can now explore Seoul in a whole new light.

A bit more about this piece, it was taken one rainy evening in Gangnam, South Korea. I thought very long about how two photographers can collaborate on a piece, as it is not easy. We thought about both editing a single photo, or layering different photos and then editing together. In the end, the best decision was to edit a picture of mine with his editing style. I think it worked out perfectly. You cannot tell from this picture, but the woman walking in the photo was actually quite drunk and swerving all over the alley, perfectly encapsulating Gangnam and the Korean way of life.

GreyRadian x Rikognition x Noealz: Bompparam (Spring Breeze)”


This particular piece has an extensive backstory, as it has been in development over two years. The initial inspiration for the artwork came from an infrared photograph I captured on a beautiful spring day in Seoul, South Korea and I have long seen my infrared photography as being the perfect medium to blend with paintings.
My admiration for GreyRadian has been longstanding, and she was one of the first individuals I met when I began exploring NFTs. The idea of collaborating was always present in the back of our minds, but we aspired to elevate our efforts to new heights. This is where Rikognition came in. Through his animation expertise, we were able to produce a truly distinctive creation. Although it required a significant amount of patience, I believe the end result was well worth the wait.

A bit more about this piece, arguably, this piece took much longer than all the other pieces. We began working on this in the summer of 2021, it began with an infrared photograph I took near Yongsan, South Korea. I have always had a love for trains and train tracks in my photography and the theme is prevalent in anime. GreyRadian then worked her magic of painting over the photograph, adding the girl, the sky, and various elements. Kenson worked on the final third of the piece, animating the various layers and adding the final touches. My photography can be categorized as anime-like daytime photography, and cyberpunk-style rainy nights, so it is amazing to see my daytime photography transform in this manner.

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