Next Earth – Event Horizon Update

Dear Nextearthians,

The day we’ve been working on for so long is finally here. Today, we start rolling out major developments that officially mark our Event Horizon, the first milestone of the path that leads us towards reaching our long term vision, to bring a new, fair digital life to everybody.

Let’s start with the launch of a development that probably all land owners have been waiting for:

👉 Land Description

Please, give a warm welcome to our brand new LAND DESCRIPTION feature, which goes live today.

As the name suggests, this feature makes it possible for every landowner to customize the description of their land NFTs with the following details:

  • add custom description to the lands,
  • format said texts (bold, italic, underline, list)
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: insert link(s) and redirect visitors of your lands to any website.

We know we don’t have to highlight the obvious, but it’s exciting to make the first step towards connecting web2 and web3. Just link your web3 metaverse land with any web2 website and you’re all set!

To give you a few examples: take the lands of a community project on Next Earth — big up to Fashion City Metaverse, Everest Metacity, Apex City, Casino Metaverse Club, City of Culture, DmallD, Peliguns Mykonos, Next Earth LandArt Collectables and many others — and draw in visitors directly by detailing your project and/or linking them to your website.

(Side note: we plan to do some special promotion to our community driven projects very soon 😉)

Add your online gallery’s homepage to your landart NFT profile or link a webshop to your mall. You can also connect your stadium with the official website of the sports club. We opened the gates to endless possibilities for our landowners.

Please bear in mind that this is the 1.0 version of the land description feature, UI/UX updates will come in a few weeks time, which will make the experience smoother. We are happy to hear any feedback from you.

Start thinking of how you’ll utilize this feature and see you at 3pm for more goodness!

These 3 developments represent a huge package aiming to fuel our growth based on three pillars: community, developers and businesses.

👉 Dev Portal and NEOS

The first one will make Next Earth stand out from the crowd as it is a giant step to make us an open platform: we are proud to present you not only the Dev Portal, but also its underlying technical infrastructure: Next Earth Operating System (NEOS).

This new portal with its constantly growing and evolving features opens up Next Earth to the developer community of the world. It gives the possibility to build new applications, programs, utilities based on our platform, using NEOS.

Here’s what David has to say about the portal:

NEOS provides a fully Web2 compatible, language agnostic way for developers to build on Web3. This means minting and launching dynamic NFTs that also have a geolocation thanks to our layer system without having to code in Solidity. Dynamic NFTs differ from regular NFTs in a way that they have properties that can change over time, enabling the storage of things like account balances or loyalty points.

This means that every developer, no matter what their coding knowledge is, can build their applications and mint and manage their own DNFTs using the tech they already know. This opens Web3 to the broader developer community with over 20 million people on Earth.

Thanks to NEOS these people can also build dNFTs because they don’t need to learn a completely new programming language.

Our devportal will have its own roadmap of future utilities. The following features are available NOW:

  • Sandbox
  • Object API (Read all land data)

You can expect the following updates in the upcoming weeks:

  • Layer API (One-click layer generation)
  • Minting API (Smart contract factory)
  • Controller API (Set up rules on how to update dynamic NFTs)


👉 Ambassador Program and Portal

This update targets those of our fellow community members, who wish to actively contribute to Next Earth’s success. Be the engine in our growing ecosystem and become a business node in the metaverse, join our brand new Ambassador Program!

Be our Messenger, Builder or Creator! Send your application today and start your journey and Next Earth today!

Those who are selected as ambassadors will represent our brand in local web3 events and will get paid for onboarding companies to Next Earth. As a next level, the best ambassadors will have our support to organize Next Earth branded events for their local web3 community. In the final stage, the most successful ambassador can open a regional Next Earth Hub.

All ambassadors will get free access to the courses of the Next Earth Academy.


👉 Accelerator Program and Portal

With Next Earth we aim to build a better and more fair economic “game” compared to the one we are currently playing on Earth. To achieve this, we need thriving new businesses on our platform. We’ll help to make it happen with our freshly launched Accelerator Program!

If you have a business idea ready to be deployed on web3, an application, or a revolutionary vision that you wish to implement on Next Earth, send your application to our accelerator program!

We will support the projects carefully chosen by our team of experts in designing the product, business strategy, tokenomics. We will help you in obtaining the capital you need by connecting you to our angel and VC network, or by organizing a token launch on our Launchpad.

The best startups will get an NXTT Grant Funding to support their platform fee payment for up to 2 years!


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