New punk/horror movie coming with members of Joystick!, Bad Operation & more

If you like punk, ska, and horror movies, then we have got some news for you. Paul “Duck” Tucker, vocalist of New Orleans ska-punk band Joystick!, is the director and producer of the upcoming horror flick Amityvillenado, which was also made with Joystick! music video cinematographer Jeff Van Gerwen (producer, writer, cinematographer) and which stars Joystick! bassist Clay Aleman. Members of Bad Operation, PEARS, Flying Raccoon Suit, and more also appear in the film.

They’ve launched an Indiegogo to help raise money to bring the film to completion, and here’s the film synopsis:

“Amityvillenado” follows the electrifying journey of Trey and Jib, two spirited punk rockers (played by Trey Ball and Jib Haddan) on their road trip to Trey’s hometown of Amityville to catch legendary punk band, Skull Crusher.

As the duo arrives in Amityville, they’re met with an unsettling revelation: the iconic DeFeo house, an emblem of Trey’s childhood memories, has been decimated by a recent tornado. This turn of events sets the stage for a series of gripping encounters and escalating tensions.

Enter Officer Lipshits, a relentless and enigmatic lawman (played by Clay Aleman). With an air of suspicion surrounding Trey and Jib’s sudden appearance in town as dead bodies are discovered in the area, Officer Lipshits embarks on an investigation that adds layers of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

Meanwhile, the fearless meteorologist June Weathers (played by Elizabeth McCoy) takes center stage. Her unrelenting pursuit of the truth leads her to her own conclusions regarding the mysterious deaths around Amityville as she has linked the bodies locations to abnormal activity on her radar. As she deciphers the intricacies of these deadly weather patterns, her path intersects with Trey, Jib, and Officer Lipshits in unexpected ways.

As the mystery unravels, our heroes meet O’Harahan (played by Will Hoffpauir) a paranormal detective. O’Harahan becomes their guide into the world of the paranormal and opens the secrets to Amityville’s true history.

“Amityvillenado” is a pulse-pounding horror comedy that explores friendship, the paranormal, and Amityville history. With its dynamic characters, unexpected twists, and an electrifying backdrop, the film promises an unforgettable cinematic experience that will grip audiences from the opening scene to the thrilling crescendo.

Read more and see all the donation options at Indiegogo.

Musicians that appear in the film:
Joystick! – Clay Aleman, Mickey Retzlaff
Rich Octopus – Will Hoffpauir, Christian Babin
Daybreak – Jib Haddan
Pears – Zach Quinn
Shidded – Johnathan Crawford, Ian Paine-Jesam, Wesley Clampitt, Alicia Kasney
Brat – Elizabeth Gienger, Brenner Monate, Ian Hennessy
Bad Operation – Greg Rodrigue
Flying Raccoon Suit – Jessica Jeansonne
Kawaii AF – Brandon Cunningham, Nathan Pike, Ricky Haddan
BWTF – Dante Graziani
Old Olibo – Kaz Johnstone
Slab – Rob Anderson

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