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Unveiling Pixies Inc.: A Vanguard in the NFT Realm

Pixies Inc., a pioneering NFT project, has been on an exciting journey since its inception nearly two years ago. With a vision to blend the essence of art with cutting-edge technology, the Pixies Inc. team embarked on a mission to create something truly unique in the digital space. Their project stands out not just for its innovative approach to NFTs, but also for its choice of blockchain platform – the SEI Network. But what really sets Pixies Inc. apart? Let’s dive into their world.

The Genesis of Pixies Inc.

The idea behind Pixies Inc. was to create an art project encapsulating the spirit of reckless kids set against a backdrop of a post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk theme. This was not just an artistic endeavor; it was an ambitious step towards creating a player-vs-player (PvP) video game that integrates NFTs in a way that’s never been done before. The project was conceived back in 2022, with a team comprising an indie game developer, an artist, a full-stack developer, alongside the COO and CEO, all united by a shared vision.

Why SEI Network?

After exploring various blockchain networks, the Pixies Inc. team found their perfect match in the SEI Network. Unlike other platforms like Solana, which they found too crowded, or Sui and Aptos, which didn’t spark their interest, SEI Network offered a unique blend of features that resonated with their project’s needs. The team’s decision to build on SEI was driven by a conviction in its technological capabilities and community ethos, making it the ideal foundation for their ambitious project.

The Evolution of Pixies Inc.

Despite the initial challenges, such as integrating Unity with the SEI wallet, the team’s relentless dedication led to breakthroughs that have propelled the project forward. The goal for Pixies Inc. is to reach the heights of established projects like DeGods or the Famous Fox Federation. With plans to expand their team and a focus on post-mint development, Pixies Inc. is poised for success.

A Team United by Vision and Friendship

One of the most remarkable aspects of Pixies Inc. is the team itself. Comprising individuals who are not just colleagues but lifelong friends, their journey reflects a shared history of evolving through the blockchain space—from Bitcoin to Ethereum, and from Solana NFTs to their current venture on the SEI Network. This deep-rooted camaraderie and collective experience form the cornerstone of their project, driving them towards realizing their ambitious plans.

Official Supply and Minting Details Unveiled

The official supply of Pixies on the SEI network is set at 5,000, with a tiered minting price structure designed to reward early supporters:

  • OG’s: FREE
  • Broski WL: 10 SEI per mint
  • Public Mint: 15 SEI per mint

With only 250 OG spots available and special provisions for Broski WL members, Pixies Inc. is ensuring a fair and rewarding system for its community.

Unity Meets SEI: A Pioneering Integration

At the heart of Pixies Inc.’s gaming initiative lies their mastery over the Unity engine. The team, known for their indie-game development prowess, faced a significant hurdle: the lack of Unity integrations with the SEI blockchain. Undeterred, they embarked on creating their own SDK to bridge this gap, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

A Collaborative Ecosystem for Gaming on SEI

Pixies Inc. has successfully completed the first piece of the integration puzzle, a feat that promises to revolutionize gaming on the SEI blockchain. This isn’t just about their own project; it’s about fostering a collaborative ecosystem. By sharing their breakthroughs, they aim to empower other gaming projects on SEI, enabling a seamless connection between Unity games and the blockchain.


Pixies Inc. is a cutting-edge NFT project on the SEI Network, inspired by a post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk theme and aiming to integrate a PvP video game. Chosen for its unique capabilities, the SEI Network provides the perfect launchpad for Pixies Inc. to innovate within the NFT space. The team’s journey from Bitcoin to the SEI Network, underscored by lifelong friendships and a shared vision, makes Pixies Inc. a project to watch in the evolving landscape of digital art and gaming.

Pixies Inc. and SEI Network are paving the way for future NFT projects by showcasing the power of technology, art, and community. As they continue to develop and expand their vision, the digital world watches eagerly for what comes next.

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