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Surviving the Bear Market: Claiming Your $FRAME Tokens

The NFT world is buzzing with excitement over the latest innovation: Frame Network. It’s not just a new platform; it’s a game-changer for creators and collectors alike. If you’re an NFT enthusiast who’s navigated the murky waters of the bear market, you might have just struck gold with $FRAME tokens.

Frame Network: More Than Just a Platform

Frame isn’t just another network; it’s the Layer 2 solution designed specifically for NFT transactions. Its integration with Ethereum and the innovative use of the Arbitrum Nitrostack sets it apart, offering lower fees, faster block times, and maintaining EVM-equivalence and tooling. This is a major leap forward in terms of performance and scalability.

Palette Protocol: Revolutionizing Royalties

One of the standout features of Frame is the Palette Protocol. Enshrined at the execution client level, it offers a permissionless platform for creating marketplaces while ensuring that creators are rewarded through royalties. This protocol is a testament to Frame’s commitment to supporting creators.

Asset Security and the Creator’s Fund

Security and support are at the forefront of Frame’s philosophy. With new standards and protocol-layer changes, Frame ensures the safety of digital assets. Additionally, the Creator’s Fund, supported by L2 gas fees, is a bold initiative to back creators and participants within the ecosystem.

Community-Driven and Open Source

Frame stands out as a community-driven, open-source project. It’s a collaborative effort by experts who have shaped some of the top protocols in the space. This approach fosters a strong sense of belonging and investment among users and creators alike.

Why Frame Matters

  • Innovation Hub: Frame is the ideal place for deploying new NFT projects and mechanisms, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital asset space.
  • Performance: With its high-performance capabilities and enforced royalties, Frame is setting new standards for NFT platforms.
  • Community Focus: By being built for and by the community, Frame ensures a user-centric approach, aligning with the interests and needs of NFT enthusiasts.


Frame Network is not just another Layer 2 solution; it’s a revolutionary platform that empowers creators, enhances asset security, and fosters a strong community. It’s a significant stride in the evolution of NFTs, and its future seems as bright and promising as the digital artworks it supports.

TLDR: Frame Network, a new Layer 2 solution on Ethereum, is revolutionizing the NFT space with its Palette Protocol, asset security, and community-driven approach. It offers lower fees, faster block times, and a Creator’s Fund, making it an exciting platform for creators and collectors alike.


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