Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbats Club NFTs rediscover fan club

Avenged Sevenfold takes their fans to the Metavers on the wings of the Deathbats. In early November, the heavy metal band announced that they were launching their own NFT project, Deathbats Club, starting at AvengedSevenfold.io in December at a price range of .06-08 ETH. The collection is designed not only to build a community of A7X fans, but also to reward those who follow rockers on web3.

The NFTs, inspired by the group’s bat-winged skull logo, are a collection of 10,000 characters with different, rare attributes that will reward their owners with a variety of goodies. “We want to add so much value that you have to be crazy to sell that sign. “We want you to be treated as a royalty when you have that badge from the group,” frontman M. told nft now. Shadows said the features were “very comparable” to what Bored Ape Yacht Club did. “We want our fans to understand that we know we can sell our collection to flippers. we do not want that. We want our fans to get it first, to educate them [NFTs]”Take them away.”

In the list of privileges? Free concert tickets և meetings և greetings as well as good box flights to fan houses, for starters. And for the lucky ones who carry 1/1 of each band member. Big bonuses for each musician’s personal passions աղ talents like golf for your friends M. with M. Shadows Sy guitar lessons with Synyster Gates that can be repaid each year for as long as the band wants keep doing it.

Deathbats Club NFT sample
Advertising image for Deathbats Club NFTs / by Avenged Sevenfold

And they seem to be in it for a long time. Although the NFT space has grown significantly in 2021 (NFT sales reached $ 10.7 billion in the third quarter) as many famous musicians invade space, Avenged Sevenfold is not in it for quick money. they are NFT purists.

M. Shadows և Syn have now told nft that they have seriously coveted NFTs in their deep wallets. These include some CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Cool Cats, Fidenzas, CrypToadz, Wicked Craniums և and much more. “We have a lot of premiums,” shared M. Shadows. “We have a lot more than anything, it’s practically miserable.”

Given the large investment in NFT space, it is not surprising that M. Shadows և Syn take the group’s NFT project lightly. They have already spent six months shaping the Deathbats Club, from the art of independent punk-rock artist Phil Howell to encouraging them to find fans who are less technologically savvy and better served. the community of their descendants.

Entering Bat Country:

Before Deathbat NFTs, there were CryptoPunks. M. Shadows, who was already entering crypto in 2016, started hearing about retro-flavored PFPs in early 2020, about two and a half years after the collection launched. And at the beginning of 2021, the singer was ready to have his own. After he bought his first Punk, the Bored Ape Yacht Club turned to NFT, and he crossed them too.

“I saw what happened [the Apes] “And the utility they brought,” he shared. “Then we started to put the pieces together. “Everyone who has an audience should probably use the blockchain to connect with their fans and the community and build it that way.”

Since launching the first 10,000 monkeys, the project has shown how NFTs can not only unite the community (having a monkey as a social media avatar is easy to identify. և: great flexibility), but also to give collectors ownership (those with monkeys have their own NFT trade rights). There are plenty of prizes ranging from “serums” released from the air that change the monkey to the arrival of coveted special events, such as the BAYC Warehouse Party at NFT.NYC in November, featuring performers The Strokes, Beck, Lil Baby և etc. .

Seeing what BAYC did inspired Avenged Sevenfold. “We used to say. “It simply came to our notice then. “We have 20 years of audience building, so it will be easier for us than for them in some way,” Shadows said. “What we need to do is really treat it with respect, not spoil it. “Take what the NFTs do right, then take our audience and take them to that world.”

“So we created the Deathbats Club, which is everything [fans] “They want us, which is our time, our energy,” he said. Let them build on it, which will eventually be a decentralized platform for us, building a sandbox, building experience, building a community. And the only way we can do that is through signs. ”

Connection cost:

One of the first works by M. Shadows և Syn. Boot up a Discord group that now has more than 32,000 members. Its purpose was to help fans explore the NFT area և the band’s upcoming project, educating them how to share their art.

“So it started to become. “Oh, you understand the ecosystem. you understand the community, ”explained Shadows of their Discord discussions. “We are not selling you a work of art, we are selling you experience. It happened slowly, but it was inevitable. I think it is inevitable that everyone is going to do it. “

“I think the band is really excited about the benefits of everything,” Sin added of the Deathbats Club project. “We are really excited to have a deeper connection with our fan base, that’s what we sit around and think the most. What we can provide them with: free meetings, bars or more creative things, such as an exclusive listening. parties, or guitar lessons, or business tips and advice. ”

Having so much added value with their NFTs, M. Shadows emphasized that he really does not want the collection to fall into the hands of people who just want to make money fast, and therefore intends to help fans understand the NFT space. և What does it mean to keep one of the A7X tokens? “We want our fans to get it first, to educate them about it, to take it to space, to reach the base level at the cheapest price, instead, they will know the floor in a year. 5 is ETH. So our biggest thing is education. ”

As it turns out, there was a certain habit on both sides.


Getting a school education

The group was formed in 1999, much earlier than the idea of ​​NFTs. So it’s no surprise that despite creating an enviable fan base for more than 20 years, not all A7X followers have wrapped their heads in the non-replaceable material that the band is about to release.

To help the band understand how much their fans understand about NFT space, what their appetite for Avenged Sevenfold NFTs might be, the boys released their first collection, Into the Ether, for free in May. The fall of 101 tokens represented the art of artist Cam Rakham, as well as previously unpublished music.

“We wanted to see where the fan base is based on education, what they would think about it,” Shadows said, explaining that the band had added some code to the NFTs so they could see how many fans there really were. NFTs in their wallets. That number? An underwhelming 17. “So it was clear to us that, well, there are a lot of people who are new to this area who are not collectors և they do not know what this is. So we aired 17 that had NFTs because we wanted to make sure they were in hands that would not lose their original expression. ”

Six months later, the group’s first batch of NFTs raised its floor price from 0 to E 3 in ETH OpenSea, the largest digital collections market. What’s more, the band even got CryptoPunk for Into the Ether # 101. “We actually exchanged the highest with CryptoPunk. “One guy wanted it, we said it was not for sale, he traded us CryptoPunk for it,” said M. Shadows about how the A7X seized Punk # 1432 in August. “Yes, the band now has CryptoPunk.”

The singer said that the trade reinforced the idea of ​​their next fall, a larger collection that would be useful. “101 is lonely because they are the first, people just do not want to sell them, which is kind of great, but there is no liquidity,” he explained. “So we need a bigger collection where people can come in at a lower cost to be part of this community.”

However, education was not provided by the group, և the community has a role to play. Syn shared that the band is working to attract its Discord fans to learn about NFTs. “There you can get an incredible amount of information and knowledge,” he said. “It’s a really useful community.”

M. Shadows also shared that the band is shooting educational videos to help fans get into the NFT,, which will be released before the fall of the Deathbats Club.

Seven times revenge
Seven times revenge

Personal storage

There is a reason the band chose to make 10,000 marks for Deathbats, despite having a much larger fan base. “We just wanted to maintain the digital scarcity,” explained M. Shadows: “We can serve 10,000 people. It will not be so personal if it is from 20,000 to 30,000. ”

What’s more, the A7X has seen how the 10,000 worked so well for other incredibly successful projects that the singer and guitarist have in their wallets. “I think 10,000 worked really well for all that, monkeys, punks, cat cats,” he said. “We are going to start from there, to see if it gets out of control, if we need more,” said M. Shadows: “But we do not want to devalue 10,000. “We have a lot to think about.”

Maybe so, but he և Sin made it clear that the band had already put a lot of thought into the project to get it right, for the band, for the fans և NFT space. “A7X as a group, we have to go, ‘What do NFTs mean to us?’

“We just want to be well-planned, because I have seen that many projects fail,” they say. shared. “We have been building in Sandbox for six months. we will be ready. When, three months after our fall, we will say: “Hey, I want your Sandbox avatars, երկիր here’s the country. It has already been done. We will build cases. ”

Flight to the future

Avenged Sevenfold may have big plans for their NFT project, but they also have high hopes.

“World domination”. Syn broke.

But even better, a thriving community. “I have always been looking for a year or two. from this thriving community, they’re totally happy with their brand, they’re totally building their gambling at The Sandbox casino, they’re having parties. “They are making virtual hangovers,” imagined M. Shadows: “We show up, we do poker nights or hang out with them, then we go to shows, we can hang out with these people in real life, throw parties, fly people out.”

“Think of a community based on all the posts we’ve written,” he added. “I hope it becomes more than just music where you can bring it out, they still want to be a part of that community. That is my greatest hope. “

Avenged Sevenfold will announce the release date of the Deathbats Club on their Discord, where you can also find out more about the project.

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