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In recent years, the world of NFTs has witnessed incredible innovations, with pioneering projects constantly challenging the status quo. Among them, the Moonbirds project stands out for its groundbreaking approach to on-chain art and technology.

Most NFTs point to an off-chain image that’s hosted on a database, since it’s much more complex and time-consuming to deploy an NFT on-chain. We launched Moonbirds off-chain with a special feature in the contract that allowed for a future on-chain upgrade.

On-Chain Distinction The vast majority of NFTs link to images that reside off-chain, typically hosted on external databases. This is primarily because embedding NFTs directly on-chain is a complex endeavor. Yet, Moonbirds exhibited a forward-thinking vision by initially launching off-chain, while integrating a unique feature in their contract that allowed a subsequent transition to on-chain. This ensured that their art and technology remained at the forefront of innovation.

In November 2022, they embarked on this ambitious journey, transitioning each bird to on-chain status one at a time. This monumental move allowed dedicated holders to unlock the exclusive “Perpetual Pioneer” stamp, alongside other novel backgrounds. Fast forward to the present, and every bird from the Moonbirds collection is immortalized forever on the blockchain.

Technological Feat Moonbirds didn’t stop there. They devised a bespoke processing engine, capable of housing the entire collection’s layers for a mere 0.37 ETH. This engineering marvel utilized bitmaps over SVGs, a decision that minimized external dependencies, optimizing the on-chain process.


Thanks to these innovations, Moonbirds now flaunt their rich on-chain lineage, with distinctions like being a Day One Nester, a member of the PROOF Collective, and many more.

Community Acknowledgment The spirit of community and collaboration is pivotal in the blockchain realm. Recognizing this, Moonbirds expressed gratitude to their contemporaries in the on-chain PFP community, such as AvastarsNFT, AnonymiceNFT, cyberbrokers_, and several others. These entities collectively propel the NFT space to new horizons.

For those keen on diving deeper into the specifics of Moonbirds’ on-chain methodology, they’ve made the process transparent. Their open-source tool, Solidify, fashioned by the adept PROOF Blockchain Engineer @cxkoda, is available for public access. An enlightening interview with their team also offers insights into their visionary approach.

TLDR: Moonbirds, a leading NFT project, has transitioned their entire collection on-chain, a move that not only immortalizes their art on the blockchain but also represents a technological feat in the NFT space. They’ve acknowledged and thanked their peers, showing the strength of the NFT community.


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