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The creative world of NFTs is always brimming with excitement and innovation, and the Moonbirds project is no exception. However, the launch of their Diamond Exhibition mint didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. Luckily, the Moonbirds team is addressing the issues and has come up with a solution involving a collaboration with The Odd God to reshuffle the art and provide a better experience for their supporters.

Moonbirds’ Diamond Exhibition Challenges: The Moonbirds team recently faced some hurdles after the Day One Diamond Exhibition launch. The experience wasn’t optimal for users, and those with multiple passes found that the draw didn’t provide the variety they expected. Acknowledging the concerns, the Moonbirds team shared their plan to fix the problem through their official Twitter account.

The Odd God to the Rescue:

In a series of tweets, Moonbirds announced that they were partnering with The Odd God to help with the art reshuffle. They’re writing a smart contract that allows users to deposit their Diamond Exhibition art and receive a new piece from the collection in return.

As a token of gratitude for the community’s patience and support, Moonbirds will also contribute additional rare art that wasn’t part of the original collection. Plus, they’ll add some Moonbirds and Oddities to the mixer to sweeten the deal.

Reshuffle and Reopening:

Once the reshuffle is complete, the Diamond Exhibition mint will reopen for Mint Pass holders and new Diamond Nested birds. The Moonbirds team has asked users interested in participating in the Reshuffle to sit tight and wait for further updates.

Although the Moonbirds project experienced challenges with their Diamond Exhibition mint, they’ve shown their commitment to making things right for their supporters. By collaborating with The Odd God and offering a reshuffle, they’re working towards providing a better experience for their community. It’s essential for projects in the ever-evolving NFT space to adapt and respond to issues, and the Moonbirds team is proving to be up to the task.

Legendary’s Perspective on Moonbirds’ Diamond Exhibition Mint:

What happened with the @moonbirds Diamond Exhibition? What can we learn from how @proof_xyz is handling the situation?

Legendary, a prominent NFT enthusiast, shared their thoughts on the Moonbirds’ Diamond Exhibition mint issues and the team’s response through a series of tweets. They acknowledged that with almost 5k Moonbirds being eligible for Diamond Nest artwork on Day 1, optimizing and randomizing the distribution was a challenge. They noted that the ranking process was intuitive, and many Moonbirds collectors liked the drop.

However, Legendary pointed out the main issue: the algorithm didn’t optimize for people with multiple passes, leading some to receive the same artwork multiple times. They praised the Moonbirds team for their transparency and swift response, including the announcement of a new smart contract to reshuffle the draw for those unhappy with their pulls.

Legendary also highlighted the additional contributions announced by @kevinrose, such as adding a couple of Moonbirds, Oddities, 1-2 grail pieces, and a couple of Beeples bought with treasury funds to the pot. They appreciated the unified reaction from the team and the newly founded community council, including members like @Lakoz_, which resulted in strong communication.

While the Diamond Exhibition may not have been the redeeming moment everyone hoped for, Legendary applauded the team’s crisis management, transparent communication, and rapid solution. They also shared future plans for $TALON, Moonbirds’ token, discussed by @kevinrose in a video. The team aims to move away from raffle-like drops and build an infrastructure that allows participants to use the token for guaranteed access to the artwork they desire.

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