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Dear NextEarthians,

As the fourth month of 2023 has come to an end, let’s take a look back at what was accomplished in April for our cherished project, Next Earth. We hope you find this recap informative and engaging!

Treasure Hunt and Resources MVP Showcase Project

In April, we announced a significant development project for Next Earth, scheduled to go live by the end of Q2: Resources MVP and the showcase project, Treasure Hunt game built on it. The project aims to demonstrate Next Earth and NEOS’s vast capabilities for businesses joining our platform in a user-friendly and engaging manner. This includes:

  • Resource production and crafting based on our dynamic NFT technology
  • Additional land utility and earnings generated by lands
  • Enhanced NXTT utility and NXTT-based economy
  • Interactive and additive layer game

Treasure Hunt invites you to explore the map of Next Earth in search of hidden treasure chests beneath the tiles. Treasure chests are dynamic NFTs containing NXTTs, with the amount of NXTT increasing over time. To uncover tiles, you can use three different types of equipment: shovels, bombs, and radars.

Equipment can be crafted from resources or purchased with credits bought using NXTT. After spending a certain amount of NXTT or resources, players receive a Treasure Chest NFT hidden randomly on the map.

So, what happens when a Treasure Chest is found?

  • 25% of the contained NXTT goes to the finder, claimable immediately
  • 25% goes to the owner of the given chest NFT
  • 25% is distributed among all active, hidden chests on the map, increasing their value over time
  • 20% of the remaining 25% goes to the owner of the land/tile on the Genesis layer where the Treasure Chest was hidden, providing a first potential passive income source for landowners. The remaining 5% supports Next Earth’s further game development.

Yes, you read it correctly: Treasure Hunt is the first feature of Next Earth that can provide passive income for landowners (they receive 20% of the content of the treasure chests found on their lands).

The Treasure Hunt game will run in campaigns in limited territories, with the first one planned to start at the end of Q2 2023.

Resources MVP

The Resources System is a core aspect of the Next Earth ecosystem, enabling users to collect and utilize resources on their virtual lands. This system will eventually be integrated into various applications and games and can also be adopted by companies and brands for their own programs. The primary objective of our Resources MVP — a simplified first version of the Resources — featured in the Next Earth Treasure Hunt project, is to demonstrate the functionality of resources as web3/dynamic NFT-based elements that can be used in any other application. The Resources System is built upon three main components: Resources, Fields, and Tools.

  • Resources: These special tokens can be used to craft different items and can only be traded within the Next Earth ecosystem. They can be finite (e.g., iron) or infinite (e.g., renewable energy), just like in real life. The market function will not be available in the simplified version.
  • Resource Fields: These areas (which will be dynamic NFTs) allow users to gather resources.
  • Tools: To collect resources from resource fields, users should buy tools with NXTT. All the NXTT used to purchase tools to harvest resources will be automatically burned.
  • Distribution of Resources: Initially, particularly for the Next Earth Treasure Hunt showcase project, the Next Earth team will determine the distribution of resource fields and the available tools within the metaverse, implementing certain limitations to maintain ecosystem balance. Later, a community DAO-vote could decide resource distribution on the map.
  • Resources in the Treasure Hunt Showcase Project: The Next Earth Treasure Hunt Showcase project will feature a simplified (MVP) version of the Resources System, including three resources: Wood, Iron, and Energy. The simplified Resources MVP is planned to go live by the end of Q2 2023.

Collaboration with Wheelcoin M2E Application

In April, we launched the first program of our strategic partnership with the Internet of Mobility (IoM) and its WheelCoin app, the first Move2Earn (M2E) app focused on rewarding green mobility choices.

As part of this partnership, Next Earth Metaverse Land Gift Cards will be available as rewards in the WheelCoin app. Users who choose sustainable mobility options and earn WheelCoins in the app can exchange them for these gift cards, which can be used to purchase properties on Next Earth, the world’s largest web3 metaverse.

“Sustainability has always been a core value for Next Earth,” said Gábor Rétfalvi, CEO of Next Earth. “We are excited to partner with Wheelcoin to give extra motivation for their users to choose green transport solutions.

Boyd Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of Wheelcoin, added, “Given the urgency of climate change and cost of living increases around the globe, WheelCoin can help support more inclusive access to sustainable mobility services by leveraging gamification, NFTs, and tokenization to reward users for going green. We are happy to onboard Next Earth to WheelCoin supporting this cause.

This campaign is the first step in a series of planned collaborations between IoM/WheelCoin and Next Earth, aiming to benefit both projects and attract new users to our web3 ecosystem.

First Ever Non-charity DAO-vote

In April, we organized the first ever non-charity DAO vote in Next Earth’s history, deciding the winners of our AI-generated metaverse image contest. Many hundreds of NextEarthians participated in the vote. From now on, our DAO-vote system allows us to conduct polls and organize votes among our landowners on various topics.

Thank you to everyone who participated in submitting their creative images and to all community members who voted through our DAO-based voting system. Your involvement made this event a great success! Congratulations to the winners of the AI-generated metaverse image contest!

1st place: zofiabogacka

2nd place: YThottingal

3rd place: 2dtechno

4th place: oskeiro

5th place: Zoltanmezei4

YouTube Live with Gabor and David

Gabor and David held a YouTube live session on the 27th April, where they discussed the achievements of 2023 so far, and shared some important updates on AI projects and NEOS.

Watch the live here:


Gabor and David shared their strong belief that AI will be a significant driving force accelerating the development of the metaverse. Next Earth aims to be a pioneer in this domain, leveraging its unique ability to integrate AI with its cutting-edge web3 technology and NEOS.

They explained that there is fierce competition among AI companies and applications. Web3 integration and the use of blockchain technology can provide a significant competitive edge for those who adopt it — and that’s precisely what Next Earth and NEOS will offer.

Thus, the priority for Next Earth is to onboard as many companies as possible before the launch of NEOS. And that is one of the reasons Next Earth has turned its focus to AI.


NEOS, a complex foundational product, has been postponed several times. Many people in the community, especially some OG members, have expressed concerns about the pace of development. While there were numerous unforeseen challenges during the development, David took responsibility and apologized for the delays on behalf of the Next Earth team.

In order to remedy the issues related to the development of NEOS, Next Earth restructured its development process, found the right partners, and announced a collaboration with a reputable IT development firm, KING IT Solutions, to expedite and finalize the development.

KING IT Solutions, with offices in the UK, Europe, and SE Asia, boasts extensive experience with Web3 development. With their proven expertise and successful track record in web3 projects, they will work closely with Next Earth’s lead IT architect, and David as a CPO, to enhance NEOS beyond our initial expectations.

Development updates will be shared regularly with the community.

Thank you for staying with us on this journey. We value your involvement and look forward to the exciting developments to come in the world of Next Earth.

Best Regards,
The Next Earth Team

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