The play-to-earn section will be transformed by that. Chordus Arena failure

NFTs, GameFi և cryptocurrency promotion community. As a result, I have been working in the crypto industry for five years, establishing close friendships with people from six continents. This is the attractiveness of this business. It lacks any physical borders, national flags or defined dogmas. Technology brings us closer, և Metaverse also has a lot to offer us. One of the ones I’m aware of is the programmer called Bible:Who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, who is behind the people? Chordus Sand:which is nothing more than a parent NFT project trying to redefine BlockChain: standards. Play to earn game development. The idea for the project was created in September 2021, and then next month Disagreement: opened. As a result of our investigation into the NFT project, Metaverse News: is able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of why you should fund your Metamask as soon as possible.

Every good game has a story to tell. So what is their story, how do they tell it to the world?

Chordus, derived from ancient Latin, literally means “after” վել was given as a result of the devastation caused by the galactic dark space battle. In an attempt to gain control of the universe, the five empires fought for thousands of years. Recent efforts have resulted in such extensive damage that many stellar systems have exploded, leading to a devastating chain reaction. Eventually, the five leaders of the empire agreed to hold an official tournament, where each empire would send its most powerful heroes to represent them on the battlefield.

The use of any non-combat weapon to assess the true strength of the heroes is prohibited by field regulations. Six of the most powerful elements in the arena have been collected from all over the world and will be turned into Ancient Art objects by blacksmiths. The stadium was built in the ruins of the galaxy and was named “Chordus Arena” in honor of the planet Chordus. The arena has become the meeting place of the most powerful fighters of the Chordus Galaxy.

As a developer, one of the advantages of NFTs is the freedom to design innovative initiatives without having to worry about securing large amounts of external funding.


Chordus Arena NFT road map

Ancient Vault will be created, which will start collecting 25% of OpenSea’s royalties. Vault funds will be permanently reinvested in the community through various forms. (Yes, forever!)
10 ancient artifacts will be cut from the air to random gladiators.

15 ancient artifacts will be sent to random gladiators.
5 ETH will be provided to 20 random owners (0.25 Eth each).
2.5 ETH will be given to 10 random OG gladiators (0.25 Eth each).

Ancient mythical crystals with magical powers will appear. The magic item will be selected by THREE worthy gladiators. That thing will allow them to transform the human soul, maybe even matter.
15 ancient artifacts will be sent to random gladiators.

15 ancient artifacts will be sent to gladiators.
The process of creating a Chordus Arena Token will begin.
All OG gladiators will receive a certain amount of tokens (amount to be determined later when tokenomics is finalized).

The community will vote to help select the distribution of 3 charities from the list. Each charity will receive a sum corresponding to the percentage of votes.
The total charitable donation will be 10 Eth.
10 ancient artifacts will leave the gladiators in the air.

15 ancient artifacts will be dropped from the air by random gladiators.
20 ancient artifacts from the air will be given to random OG gladiators.
The chains of the premium Chordus Arena will be sent to all OG gladiators, as well as to the top 100 owners.
The main և final stage of the project starts, մշակ the development of the Chordus Arena game will start.

Utility of the game:
The main advantage of the project is the unique, creative multiplayer game, which includes various characteristics that attract a wide range of players.
The game is not only profitable, but also really fun, fun and difficult. While the white paper discusses the mechanics of the game in detail, it also contains additional information on why this game is different from any other game.


PVP mode, in which gladiators can form alliances and fight in the arena, is the most important component of the game. Because you get tokens for each level, XP is the most effective way to make money.
There are several game options to choose from, including fights, team battles, guild battles, and siege battles.
It will be possible to plan in PVE mode when this feature is implemented. Among the priority modes will be “Practice Mode”, where you can gain experience in fighting bots, “World Boss” – a number of daily quests.


Ancient Artifact allows those who own the mine to enter the mine. Once a player enters the mine, he can mine gold, as can other expensive items, such as diamonds. With the help of blacksmiths, these items can later be either sold for profit or used to improve the quality of existing equipment.

Bet / Rent:

Any gladiator with an ancient artifact will be able to bet or rent their equipment to other gladiators. Not all Gladiators have the financial means to acquire Ancient Artifact, and not all Ancient Artifacts have time to participate in the game. Using this mechanism, owners can generate passive money by renting their equipment to other players, helping to maintain a healthy և interesting financial ecosystem և gaming economy.

And that, my friends, is the end result. Is this a legal project or a fake one?

We looked at the staff behind the scenes և we have to say that it works great all the time. The main character of the team is the relationship between the son and his father, which is unusual. The son is a good computer lunatic with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a thorough understanding of the NFT environment.
When you look at them Twitter account:, They have about 1900 followers, which does not seem like a big number, but when you look at who their followers are, there is a really good story to tell. Because there is a very dedicated staff behind the initiative, prominent people like Metaverse News are aware they can stand behind it.

Kinto (Father) is an experienced software technical manager և SW Architect with over 30 years of experience designing new SW / HW products for public և private sector clients in the US և abroad.
Experienced in leading teams SW Possible mission SW / HW solutions in small և large organizations focusing on low latency և high bandwidth time.

Bible: (Son) is a passionate entrepreneur with experience in AI, mobile and web gaming. He has worked in the field of mobile, restaurant management, military, etc. for about 15 years. 3 years in the field of customer service: quality assurance. I am convinced that NFTs և cryptocurrencies are the future of every country և institution.

Father and son

We at Metaverse News believe that this game has the potential to be a huge success.

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