Meme Means Business: Second Life Creator Sells TWO THOUSAND Copies of Combat-Ready Foldable Chair, Latest in a Meme-to-SL Business Model

A few days after the folding chair combat meme went viral (for hilarious and horrible reasons) earlier this month, the proprietor of Bad Unicorn, a Second Life content brand, went to work on bringing that meme in all its deranged glory to Second Life. It's now available in the Marketplace:

  • 6 texture options
  • Hit your friends or foes!
  • Animate people you are attacking.

Last weekend, it was only available in Bad Unicorn's in-world store, but it still sold super-well, Mr. Unicorn tells me: 2000 copies going for L$ each.

I boggle a bit at the numbers.


"Wow 2000 copies for L$60 is like USD $500+ gross yeah?"

"Yeah around that."

You might make more in the real world selling, say, T-shirts of a popular meme, but then again, that would be way more costly and risky. (What if the meme is played out before you even get the T-shirts back from the printer?) 

The folding chair is just the latest immersive meme object Bad Unicorn has sold, by the way — it's pretty much one of his main revenue drivers:

NEW! Milk Crate Madness @ Bad Unicorn Mainstore

Bad Unicorn's Milk Crate Madness, from a popular meme in 2021, was another hit that year.

"Honestly, sex and violence drives some of my biggest sales," he tells me, "and I mostly make things to make me laugh." 

I guess you could say this is the Metaverse's way of beating an Internet meme to death. But because this particular meme is made of digital plastic, the beating can continue for years.

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