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Dear Bankless Nation,

Last month, nearly 100 million NFTs were minted via +6 million transactions across Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base. 

I know for my part, I was definitely minting dozens of NFTs all over the place throughout Coinbase’s Onchain Summer fest

It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of cool digital goodies, including a Parallel starter deck. And guess what? Ethereum wasn’t congested at all amid all these festivities unlike we’ve seen in past NFT surges. 

We’ve entered the era of the “Max mint,” in other words. Now you can mint many NFTs very affordably on L2s, and more and more people are making the leap up as they’re adventuring on these new layers.

Personally, I’m very excited to see what further experiments this abundance meta will bring. In the meantime thanks as always for reading everyone, and have a great weekend.

For now let’s get you caught up on the past week ✌️


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Over the past week, the floor-based market cap of the NFT space slightly shrunk from 8.55 million ETH to 8.52 million ETH for a 0.35% drop ⤵️ 

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I’ve previously written on Holograph, a multichain NFT minting platform powered by LayerZero tech. This week the two projects kicked off a commemorative mint to celebrate their partnership, and since the release is free, and since both projects are token-less and may conduct airdrops later, this one’s an interesting low-stakes opportunity right now. 

There’s over four days left on the mint, and you might also consider bridging your new NFTs to a different chain via Holograph to potentially up your eligibility. Knowledge and experience are its own rewards in crypto, but retro airdrops are always pretty cool too, right.

1. cygaar on ERC6909 🧠

2. WASD on 5 MUD games to watch 🎮

3. WINTΞR on building BasePaint 🎨

If you’re an NFT creative trying to navigate the uncertain royalties landscape, why not drop your own custom royalty-enforcing NFT marketplace and focus your efforts there? Now it’s particularly straightforward to do so thanks to FirstMate, which just launched its NFT Storefront Builder app in partnership with Manifold. 

To access this resource, just sign into Manifold and then go to the “Apps” dashboard and press “Install” on the FirstMate option!

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