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Dear Bankless Nation,

Right now the average number of daily NFT mints is way down while the average price of gas costs are way up. 

That said, while most NFT activity still takes place on the Ethereum L1 these days, the current gas pains are pricing out many users from using mainnet. 

If there was ever a time for NFT projects to start doubling down on or integrating with layer-two (L2) scaling solutions, it’s now. Buying and minting NFTs should cost cents more often than not!

Anyways, let’s hope we see a big L2 migration in the months head. For the time being, though, let’s cover the intrigues from the past week in NFTs. Have a great weekend everyone ✌️


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This week the market cap of NFTs dropped from 7.86 million ETH to 7.68 million ETH, or $13.64B USD, for a decline of 2.3%. It was another week where memecoins dominated the cryptoeconomy’s trading action, so the slight shrinkage here is no surprise. 

Zora, the hyperstructure NFT protocol that’s helping to “bring imagination onchain,” just released a silverish-chrome open edition of one of its signature Zorbs to commemorate web3 publishing platform Mirror’s new feature that supports embedding Zora mints directly into Mirror posts. There’s now 5 days left on the drop, and minting from it will subscribe you to Zora’s Mirror account. This “mint to subscribe” playbook is one all web3 creatives should be considering right now, in my opinion. 

1. ChainLinkGod.eth on the weirdness of BRC-20s.

2. Lamboland on Disney’s new Star Wars NFT collection.

3. Nick White on the difference between data availability and data storage.

4. S4mmy.eth on NFT Worlds’s rebrand to TOPIA.

5. Sound on preparing to open to all musicians.

Are you surfing the current crypto meta, trading shitcoins to try and increase your ETH and NFT stacks? Then one resource you should know about is Flashbots Protect, which offers you an RPC you can connect to so that your memecoin transactions don’t get frontrun by sandwich attackers. Such an attack can cost you a decent chunk of change, so don’t sleep on Flashbots if you want to stay vigilant here.

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