Introducing: Next Earth AI Labs

We at Next Earth recognize the importance of disruptive technologies and the impact they can have on our lives. That’s why we are excited to announce our decision to launch our AI venture studio, Next Earth AI Labs. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, we are opening the door to new and exciting possibilities that will help us achieve our vision. Join us as we explore the exciting world of AI and its potential to create the first generation of AI powered applications, based on our fully web2 compatible web3 developer platform, Next Earth Operating System (NEOS).

According to Gabor Retfalvi, CEO of Next Earth:

AI is a major force in the development of the metaverse, as it accelerates the development of new solutions to fractions. By launching a set of AI startups that will be integrated into NEOS, Next Earth can truly become the operating system of the Metaverse, helping us achieve our ultimate vision, to create a fair, digital life for everybody.

Next Earth AI Labs already has a dozen projects in the discovery phase and some are almost ready to hit the market as MVPs. Some of them will be closely tied to the Next Earth platform from the beginning, some will be integrated in a later phase by having the projects’ backend run on NEOS. The very first AI project of Next Earth will help companies automate the lead generation process.

Every project of Next Earth AI Labs has a dedicated product owner who has vast domain experience in the project’s industry. This ensures that the developing solution is always tailored to the needs of the user. We are working together with Hungary’s top AI experts right from the ideation stage making sure that the product is designed with the best AI tools in mind.

— adds David Taylor, Chief Product Officer of Next Earth.

Next Earth AI Labs has a large network of professionally trained AI developers delivered from several IT development partner companies, that specializes in delivering custom-tailored AI solutions to startups and businesses seeking to harness the power of AI technology.

The launch of Next Earth AI Labs comes just weeks before we launch our full API suite and revamped developer portal, enabling anyone to develop their own web3 applications on the fully web2-compatible Next Earth OS and using the groundbreaking dynamic NFT technology developed by Next Earth. With the latter update, we aim to become the gateway between web2 and web3 for millions of developers and companies. The combination of AI, dynamic NFT technology and the web3 possibilities of NEOS makes Next Earth with its native token $NXTT a very unique player of the metaverse and web3 market. 💪

Next Earth’s vision of a fair digital life in the metaverse is based on 4+1 pillars. The first is the web3 economy of the metaverse, based on NEOS, which provides a fair allocation of the generated wealth on the platform. Second is the ownership of digital identities, in the form of personal AI avatars as dynamic NFTs that can be stored in users’ crypto wallets. The third is the metaverse environment and visualization, integrating user and AI-generated 3D, AR, VR, and visual content. DAO governance is the fourth foundation of the vision, allowing users’ voices to be heard. These pillars are framed by being an Earth-based metaverse, which is especially important, as every person and business has some sort of relevance to a geographical location.

The First Next Earth AI Labs Projects

Celebrity Chatbot
Get ready to chat with your favorite celebrities like never before! Our AI-powered Celebrity Chatbot lets you have text-based conversations and soon to come, voice and 3D visual chats. Experience a unique and personal connection with your favorite stars! This is the future of celebrity interaction, and we are excited to bring it to you.

AI Lead Generator
Maximize your influencer potential with AI. Chat with potential clients simultaneously and convert them into leads with ease. The AI Lead Generator allows influencers to reach out to potential clients, chat with them simultaneously and funnel them into their private sites. With the AI Lead Generator, the influencer can offer a personalized and engaging experience for their potential clients.

AI Content Summarizer
Introducing AI Content Summarizer, the innovative tool that will make the most out of your reading experience. The application is designed to help you represent any given text quickly and easily in a more concise and digestible form. Whether you’re a student or a busy professional looking to save time on information gathering, this tool has got you covered.

AIREA: Metaverse AI Real Estate Agent
Struggle to find the ideal metaverse location for your needs? Meet AIREA, the AI-based personal Real Estate Agent, who will be at your service. With the intelligent chatbot integrated to the map of Next Earth, users can type in their desired location and specifications for their purchase, and the AI will search through the details of the map, POI database, and land tags of Next Earth to recommend suitable plots.

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