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We had the privilege of sitting down with the remarkable NFT artist, EL ROKK, to delve into his artistic journey and his insights into the world of digital art and NFTs. Check out his latest Drop Medusa on SuperRare.

Tell us about your artistic journey and how you got started in the world of digital art and NFTs.

After obtaining my degree in Graphic and Art from RMIT Melbourne, I spent over a decade freelancing. In 2020, I ventured into the NFT world after conversations with my friend Vangeli, who was passionate about NFTs. Intrigued, I applied to join SUPERRARE, and in December 2020, I received the exciting news that I was accepted, becoming the first Malaysian artist on the platform. Designing and illustrating have been constants in my life, from my childhood days with paper and pencil to the digital realm. Now, 13 years later, I continue to create and draw full-time.


As a digital artist, what inspired you to explore the realm of NFTs? How do you see NFTs shaping the future of art?

The love that collectors showed for art in the NFT space was my main inspiration. Artists desire recognition and appreciation for their work, and witnessing this motivated me to join. With over a decade of illustrating experience, I felt equipped to contribute. NFTs undeniably represent the future. The growing influx of artists and collectors, coupled with the daily surge in new artworks, indicates that NFTs are poised to become the largest domain for creators.

Your diverse background includes ad design, gaming titles, indie comics, and brand apparel. How have these experiences influenced your artistic style and approach to creating NFTs?

Each job I’ve undertaken has enriched my skills and knowledge. From 2D illustration to photorealism, each project has taught me something new. I’ve embraced various styles and techniques and brought them into my NFT creations. Tattoos have always been my signature style element, an attribute carried forward from my extensive experience. Tattoo-inspired designs are embedded in my art, adding uniqueness to my creations.


Who are some of your favorite artists, both traditional and digital, who have influenced your work? How have they inspired you?

Artists like Roxie and Anthony from Grand Theft Auto V have been major inspirations. Their style, characterized by black outlines, coloring, and shading, has left a lasting impact on me. Comic books have also played a pivotal role in shaping my artistry. Frank Miller, the creator of “The Dark Knight Returns,” stands out with his unique art style. Drawing from these influences, I’ve incorporated tattoo designs into my work, adding a personal touch.

What specific themes or emotions do you aim to capture in your artwork, and how do you achieve that through your creative process?

My aim is to create art that challenges norms, breaks stereotypes, and evokes emotion. My childhood experiences with tattoos, where they were often associated with negativity, inspired me to use famous cartoon characters as vehicles to challenge those perceptions. By giving them tattoo designs, I aimed to convey that all art is beautiful and should not be judged based on appearances.


With a significant Instagram following, how has social media aided in promoting your art and connecting with your audience? How do you engage with your followers?

Before NFTs, most of my clients were sourced from Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been posting daily to showcase my art and talent. Engaging with my followers is vital, as I explain the stories behind my pieces and foster interaction. I also collaborate with fellow artists, creating a vibrant artistic community.

Could you share any notable experiences from your artistic career, especially within the realm of NFTs?

A standout moment was in December 2020, when I applied to SUPERRARE. The following January, I was accepted, and my friend Vangeli and I released a 5-series of NFTs. The collection sold out immediately, marking my impactful entry into the NFT space.


What challenges have you faced as an artist in the digital age, and how have you overcome them? How has the NFT space presented unique opportunities and challenges for you?

A challenge in the digital age is art theft, where people erase signatures and sell art as their own. NFTs address this issue; once purchased, the NFT owner gains full ownership rights. The NFT space offers opportunities to create, share, and sell art while building a community of collectors who value artists’ work and contributions.

Could you walk us through your creative process, from ideation to the final NFT artwork?

I start with sketching, followed by outlining, refining, coloring, and detailing. I draw inspiration from comics, books, and movies, spending days absorbing ideas. Once in my office, I blend various elements to create something new and exciting.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and goals as an artist in the NFT space? Any exciting projects or collaborations?

My focus is on 1/1 pieces, continuing to offer value to collectors. I strive to maintain quality and support the NFT space, aiding fellow artists. The NFT community’s enthusiasm and appreciation motivate me to keep pushing artistic boundaries.

(Note: The interview has been cleaned up for clarity and coherence, as requested.)

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