Help, I can’t stop listening to audio loops from the Thief games on repeat

The ambience of Looking Glass Studios’ Thief games was without compare. Eric Brosius and everyone else who contributed to their soundscapes knocked it out of the park. The echoing tunnels, the religious chants, the distant buzz of industry, the whine of electric coils, the inexplicable all-permeating hum in the darkness, and that one banging DJ Shadow-esque tune that blares when you enter the Downwind Guild. It’s all perfect.

And now I’ve discovered it’s all on YouTube, and has been looped. Some of the videos are shorter, like one that takes the cutscene music from the intro to the Assassins level (opens in new tab) of Thief: The Dark Project, which Garrett normally narrates over, and loops it before that part so we can hear it separate from the voiceover. That only goes for two-and-a-half minutes. If you prefer the ambience of Thief 2, here’s two of its atmospheric audio files, s01mel1.wav and s01mel2.wav, looped for an hour (opens in new tab).

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