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Over the past two years, FVCKRENDER has embarked on an incredible digital art adventure, pushing boundaries, experimenting, and captivating a larger audience than ever imagined. As the body of work grows, it’s time to consolidate and strengthen the connection with collectors, fostering a sense of belonging and excitement. This is where FVCK TOKEN// comes into play, serving as a pivotal component within the art ecosystem to streamline operations and refocus attention on the art and its dedicated supporters.

Airdrops, Burning, and Simplifying the Experience: FVCK TOKEN// aims to redefine the FVCKRENDER collector experience by introducing smaller collections, creating a stronger bond between the artwork and its owners. In an effort to simplify and enhance cohesion, select 1/1 and small edition holders, as well as a special group of @lvcidia holders, will receive airdrops of FVCK TOKEN//. Additionally, holders of higher edition works will have the opportunity to burn their pieces in exchange for FVCK TOKEN//. To optimize cost efficiency, a two-month window will be provided to accommodate burners, allowing them to find a time slot with lower gas fees.

The Dominance of FVCK TOKEN//: FVCK TOKEN// will assume a central role in FVCKRENDER’s art ecosystem, serving as the primary form of value. It will enable collectors to purchase new artwork, act as a bid pass, a mint pass, and reward participants in various ways. By embracing FVCK TOKEN//, both existing collectors and the broader community can continue to join the artist on their creative journey. This approach brings structure, cohesion, purpose, and simplification to all outstanding plans and future endeavors.

FVCK CRYSTAL// and Future Burning Mechanisms: While FVCK TOKEN// takes center stage, FVCK CRYSTAL// remains a vital asset within @lvcidia. Excitingly, future burning mechanisms are on the horizon for avatars and crystals, adding another layer of depth and engagement to the overall experience.

SOTYS and the Wider Community: Even beyond the core projects, FVCKRENDER emphasizes the importance of @lvcidia and @90s_kids_club. These three distinct projects, each with its unique vision, hold equal significance for the artist, fostering a sense of appreciation and unity among all involved.

Conclusion: FVCK TOKEN// signifies a turning point in the FVCKRENDER journey, enabling the artist to consolidate their body of work and cultivate stronger connections with collectors. Through airdrops, burning mechanisms, and the dominant role of FVCK TOKEN//, the artist’s vision comes to life, simplifying and enhancing the overall experience for all participants. Furthermore, the inclusion of FVCK CRYSTAL// and collaborations with @90s_kids_club ensure a diverse and vibrant ecosystem. As FVCKRENDER continues to evolve, one thing remains constant: the unwavering commitment to art, community, and the shared passion that unites them all.

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