First-person wizard shooter Immortals Of Aveum now has a demo

Immortals Of Aveum never looked like it was going to be successful, and it wasn’t. I root for it, however. In an industry where big budget blockbusters are most often sequels, or boringly safe, Aveum feels comparatively bold just by being a self-evidentaly daft first-person mashup of Call Of Duty and Doctor Strange magic powers.

Now it has a demo, so you can try it for free.

The demo features the first three chapters of Immortals Of Aveum and progression will carry over to the full game should you go on to buy it. You can find the download link for the demo on the Aveum Steam page.

If you’re one of the ones who have already bought Aveum, this week also saw the release of the Echollector update, which adds a New Game+ and a Grand Magnus Difficulty mode. The latter lets you begin the game anew with your previously unlocked powers, while skipping over the introductory chapters. You’ll then be able to upgrade gear to higher levels and enemy health, damage and abilities have been increased to adapt to your greater power.

Grand Magnus difficulty, meanwhile, makes the game generally more difficult with tougher enemies and fewer health drops, and can be deployed at any point, whether it’s your first time playing or whether you’re using NG+.

The Echollector update also adds “new endgame objectives”, with new areas, new gear and a new boss battle against the titular Echollector.

In her Immortals Of Aveum review, Alice B thought it lacked spark, but “fun often enough for [her] to respect the big fantasy swings it takes.” I haven’t played it, but I respect a big swing, too, so I’ll grab the demo.

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