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Artist Paco Martin presents an amazing portfolio of photorealistic drawings created with colored pencils. Enjoy and find more on his website.


“Cherries” colored pencils on paper, 21cm x 13.5cm


Since I was a child, I have harbored an unwavering passion for colored pencils.


Colored pencil drawing of chess board

“End of Game” colored pencils on paper, 30cm x 21cm


Over the past eight years, I’ve had the privilege of working as a professional artist. I have conducted workshops both online and in person. My journey has taken me to various corners of the world, from Spain to the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and the United States.


drawing of honey dipper colored pencil

“Sweet Temptation” colored pencils on paper, 20cmx 22cm


Throughout my path, I have solidified my love for the technique and art of portraying inanimate objects on paper. Still lifes have always been my greatest source of inspiration.


photorealistic colored pencil drawing

“Spherical Reflections” colored pencils and graphite on paper, 29cm x 44 cm


The beauty of still life, with its ability to represent the harmony of everyday life through shape, volume, texture, and composition, has been a recurring theme in my work. In my relentless pursuit of artistic expression, I have tirelessly experimented with these elements. I want to capture the essence of the objects that surround us in our daily lives.


photorealistic colored pencil drawing of tree and ivy

“The Dance of The Leaves” colored pencils on paper, 39.5 cm. x 29.5 cm


For me, every mundane object is an opportunity to explore the world of creativity and personal expression.


photorealistic colored pencil drawing of oranges

“Mandarins and Paper” colored pencils on paper, 32cm x 26cm


Throughout my career, I have evolved as an artist. But I have always maintained my focus on representing the delicacy of everyday life. Each day is a new challenge, a new opportunity to push my own boundaries and delve into the richness of daily existence. I have always felt that there is a world of artistic possibilities waiting to be explored in the simplicity of what surrounds us.


colored pencil drawing of steaming cup of tea

“Waiting for You” colored pencils on paper, 20cm x 20cm


Every stroke of my colored pencil becomes a form of communication with the viewer, conveying my appreciation for the beauty that is often overlooked in our fast-paced lives. The colored pencil becomes my voice, my medium for expressing what is often indescribable in words.


colored pencil drawing of gumball machine

“Gumballs” colored pencils and graphite on paper, 64cm x 42cm


In each artwork, I seek to convey the serenity of everyday life and the harmonious beauty that everyday objects embody. These in turn have become a true art form for me to express myself with.


colored pencil drawing of oranges and reflective foil

“Tangerine Reflections” colored pencils on paper, 27 cm x 42 cm


I still feel that there are numerous challenges ahead of me, always striving to capture the delicate essence of everyday life.


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