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TL;DR: Jake Fried’s “NORTH STAR” is a presale NFT collection of hand-drawn animations with the unique feature of interchangeable artwork through the Doppelgänger contract. With 42 pieces left at 1 ETH each, this collection offers dynamic art that evolves over time, showcasing Fried’s signature ink and white-out animations that have been celebrated worldwide.

Jake Fried, an avant-garde artist renowned for his hand-drawn animations, has unveiled “NORTH STAR,” a limited collection of NFTs, now in its presale phase. With a countdown signaling just over five hours remaining, collectors have a chance to acquire one of the 42 remaining pieces out of 100, each priced at 1 ETH.

Jake Fried: North Star

“NORTH STAR” represents a novel exploration of art within the digital space. Fried has meticulously created a 120-frame animation loop that extends for 5 seconds, complete with an auditory experience crafted by the artist himself. What makes this offering unprecedented is its foundation upon the Doppelgänger contract from Transient Labs, which enables holders to interchange the artwork their NFT displays at will. This feature ranges from the base animation to still frames, along with an assortment of remixes and iterations conceived by Fried. Moreover, the promise of additional artistic options post-mint assures collectors of an evolving acquisition.

For those keen on customization, instructions and FAQs are readily available, guiding users on how to employ Etherscan to update their tokenURI and alternate between the artworks for their “NORTH STAR” edition.

The Jake Fried collection extends beyond just the initial animation, offering a wealth of variations:

  • From a grid formation of the 120 frames to individually highlighted frames,
  • Zoomed-in details that captivate the onlooker,
  • Slices and crops that offer a unique perspective,
  • Portraits and golden editions that exude a different aura,
  • Elemental versions that evoke fire and celestial movements like orbiting bodies.

More artworks are slated to be released, signifying an evolving gallery for the holders.

When: The digital curtains will rise at precisely 12:00 PM EST, inviting enthusiasts and curious minds alike to witness a pivotal moment in the realm of NFTs.

Where: The venue is the digital domain of Transient Labs, a pioneering platform where art and blockchain technology converge, accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a passion for the cutting edge.

Jake Fried’s work has garnered international acclaim, finding a place in prestigious auctions at Christie’s, exhibitions at the Tate Modern, screenings at the Sundance Film Festival, and projects with major entities like Adult Swim and Netflix. His art transcends conventional media, establishing a confluence of the ephemeral and the eternal, a true testament to the transformative power of digital artistry.



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