Year of the Woman


    A Collection of NFTs Celebrating Women

    From 11:00 am (Europe/Amsterdam)

    0.08 ETH | 10,000 Total

    Yasmin Shima is an artist and art teacher living in Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia. She has painted since she was a child growing up in a family of artists, with her first self-portrait being done at age 18. For most of her life she painted using acrylics and other paints, but in 2021 she underwent surgery and was unable to use her easel. She turned to digital art where she self-taught and developed the style she uses in Year of the Woman. She is drawn to painting women for their beauty, sensuality, strength and grace. Yasmin believes women encapsulate a romantic, empowered energy and loves expressing that in the way the subject carries themselves. For years, Yasmin painted part-time while she worked in production to pay her bills etc, but her dream was always to be able to make it as an artist full-time. In December 2019 she made the decision to quit her job and commit to art. As we know, Covid came soon after, and she struggled financially for a lot of the time since but resisted the temptation to go back to a job. She persevered through the pandemic and financial issues. People eventually saw what she was doing and were inspired to come learn to paint from her. She began teaching art through 2020. Then in 2021 she had to learn a whole new style of art, as above. It paid off and she is now in demand for commercial murals and other unique painting around Sydney. In 2021 she learned about NFTs and made a small collection of 1 of 1s called Ride or Die x. After she learned more about the space, she and a friend discussed how they could create a project to show the beauty of women, and to give back to less fortunate women in Australia and to help other artists to get exposure for their work. That’s where the roadmap comes in.

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