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Cool Cats’ CEO, Stephen Teglas, Steps Down: Transitioning Leadership to Clon

In a recent development that has sent ripples through the NFT community, Stephen Teglas, the CEO of Cool Cats, has announced his decision to step down from his role. The reins of leadership will now be passed into the capable hands of Clon, the visionary artist and founder of Cool Cats, who will assume a more prominent role in steering the project’s daily operations and strategic direction.

The Transition Unveiled

With this change, Clon takes on the pivotal responsibilities of shaping the project’s strategy, overseeing its operations, and guiding its creative course. This strategic move underscores the emphasis on Clon’s remarkable ability to chart the creative trajectory of Cool Cats, aligning perfectly with the brand’s overarching

A New Era Begins: Cool Cats’ Founder @cloncast Takes the Helm

In a monumental shift that reverberates throughout the NFT universe, Cool Cats has announced a transformative leadership transition. The driving force behind this pivotal change is none other than @cloncast, the visionary Creator and Founder of Cool Cats. As @cloncast assumes an expanded leadership role, the NFT community is poised to witness the convergence of strategic foresight and artistic innovation in a thrilling new chapter for Cool Cats.

From Vision to Reality: @cloncast’s Bold Step

The declaration resonates like a clarion call to the Cool Cats community. @cloncast’s decision to take on an augmented leadership position within the company signifies a turning point in the trajectory of the beloved NFT project. With responsibilities encompassing both the macroscopic strategic outlook and the intricate daily decisions that shape Cool Cats, @cloncast aims to infuse the project with a fresh wave of creativity and inspiration.

This choice has not been made in haste; instead, it’s a product of deliberate contemplation fortified by insights gleaned from trusted confidants and colleagues. @cloncast’s unwavering commitment to introducing Cool Cats to the global stage has been a guiding light, propelling this visionary leader to assume the mantle of guidance and direction.

A Triad of Support: Board, Team, and Community

The bedrock of @cloncast’s endeavor is the steadfast foundation laid by the Cool Cats Board and the tireless dedication of the project’s talented team. Together, they have given life to the endearing characters that have charmed their way into the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. But the magic doesn’t stop there. @cloncast acknowledges the vibrant and ardent Cool Cats community, which has propelled the project to the forefront of the web3 universe. This community’s vitality infuses Cool Cats with its distinctive charm, making it an emblematic presence in the NFT realm.

A Grateful Farewell: Stephen’s Legacy

The transition also marks a bittersweet farewell to Stephen, who gracefully steps down as CEO. Stephen’s significant contributions have propelled Cool Cats toward greater efficiency and management excellence. His legacy provides a strong underpinning for the journey that @cloncast is about to undertake. A heartfelt note of gratitude is extended to Stephen for laying the groundwork that will serve as a launching pad for even loftier aspirations.

A Creative Journey Unveiled

@cloncast’s trajectory toward leadership may have been unexpected, but it’s a natural extension of his profound connection to creativity. As the Creative Director of Cool Cats, @cloncast’s dedication has resonated with the project’s core audience through compelling characters and narratives. With a dynamic team of artists and illustrators at his side, @cloncast is poised to amplify the joy of Cool Cats, ensuring that millions more can partake in its magic.

A Journey of Anticipation: The Path Forward

Emboldened by an exceptionally talented team, esteemed strategic partners, and insightful advisors like Futureverse, Animoca Brands, and Chairman Ken Cron, @cloncast strides forward with confidence. But the cornerstone of this journey remains the passion and enthusiasm of the Cool Cats community. Each individual, from co-founders to board members, from strategic partners to team members, and from the past to the present, has contributed to Cool Cats’ irrefutable success.

As the year unfolds, 2023 promises to be a tapestry woven with moments of exhilaration. Look forward to the launch of Sidekicks, an avatar system and marketplace, the unveiling of desktop and mobile games, and a historic spectacle on November 23rd—the day Blue and Chugs take to the skies over New York City in the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

TL;DR: The Cool Cats community witnesses a transformative leadership shift as Founder and Creator @cloncast embraces an expanded role, steering the project’s strategic and day-to-day decisions. The transition is accompanied by the departure of Stephen as CEO, highlighting his vital contributions. With an artistically inspired vision, @cloncast anticipates propelling Cool Cats to new heights, supported by a robust team, strategic partners, and an enthusiastic community. Exciting prospects loom on the horizon, including Sidekicks’ launch, games, and a historic appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


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