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Responses by Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira, designer.

Background: Progressive and inclusive wellness brand Dreavita provides empowering mental health services and resources to underserved communities, fostering emotional healing, personal growth and a sense of belonging so that every individual can thrive and embrace a life filled with purpose, resilience and joy. Dreavita’s target audience is young adults seeking acceptance, understanding, and working on emotional healing or general self-improvement. The brand caters to a diverse range of individuals with a focus on specific communities, such as those with special needs, LGBTQIA+, eating disorders, PTSD, ADHD and OCD.

Design core: The visual identity was intended to be sensitive, respectful and considerate, reflecting the brand’s inclusive character. The concept was born from the idea of strong nature: we called it “simplicity inspired resilience.” As the patterns of nature hints us to consistency, strength and growth, the branding aims to pass these messages through affirmations and minimal design approach.

The branding features linear layouts and lean typography with a touch of hand-drawn personality. Combined with natural patterns, the frames support the brand’s feelings of growth and resilience. Illustrations focus on the patterns of nature, demonstrating how repetition and resilience results in success. I created three versions of the logo for Dreavita to be flexible to adapt in any graphic media and to underline the brand’s inclusivity.

Challenges: The most challenging aspect of the project—as it usually is with such brands—was to reflect Dreavita’s abstract characteristics and find a way to connect with the audience. I wanted to come up with a concept different from your usual self-growth brands to create an identity that feels genuinely intimate. Young adults who are dealing with mental health issues have strong feelings: they want to be understood, and they’re very sensitive. So, you wouldn’t want to give them something that doesn’t feel real and intimate. Nature was the biggest inspiration as it is always there; life passes by it, and nature stays there—strong, but not overwhelmingly in your face. Nature gives you power and support on a deeper level.

Favorite details: I’m proud I was able to give the overall branding feeling that we aimed for. The brand gives you the feeling of subtle support. The support of nature doesn’t overpower but empowers with the concept of calm resilience. It inspires you but lets you do the work, because at the end, it’s you that needs to find resilience and embrace a life filled with purpose.

Specific project demands: Founder Andrea Piazza would have liked to include a retro vibe for the brand, which created a challenge for me as the target audience is more on the younger side. I incorporated this into the woodcut style of illustrations and chose a color palette that gives a subtle retro vibe while keeping the overall branding modern and minimal. Andrea provided me with a lot of affirmations that she currently uses in her consultations, which inspired me a lot.

New lessons: In my research phase, I learned many details about the needs of people from underserved communities who are looking for emotional support. This is what I love about being a brand designer: you learn something new with every project and broaden your horizons!


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