Collected Interviews: Artists Curated by MakersPlace x Transient Labs

In anticipation of our extensive roster of events at Miami Art Week, in particular our live exhibition of physical artwork co-curated in partnership with Transient Labs, we collected our virtual Q&As with participating artists all in one place for your convenient perusal.

Botto: Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist. Botto creates works of art based on collective feedback from the community. Continue reading

Andrea Crespi: I am an Italian visual artist in the continuous investigation of different media, juggling both physical and digital art, and exploring themes including optical illusion, social transformation, the digital revolution, and contemporary cultural changes. Continue reading

Jack Kaido: I’m Jack, a digital abstract painter and long-time crypto-native. Continue reading

Mikael B: My name is Mikael Brandrup, also known as Mikael B, and I’m a visual artist. I am 39 years old, originally from Denmark, but I moved to L.A. 9 years ago to pursue my dream and passion as an abstract artist. Continue reading

Parin Heidari: I am Parin Heidari, a multidisciplinary artist with a multicultural background. Continue reading

ADHD: Hi my name is Colin, aka ADHD, aka Space Case. I’m a neurodivergent multidisciplinary artist from Pennsylvania, USA. I’m sensitive and easily distracted. I’ve been a full-time artist for over ten years and I love to work on the entire spectrum of digital, analog, and everything in between. I make work about the human condition and often about the parts of it we don’t have words for. Continue reading

Gina Choy: I am Gina Choy, a painter, an author, and a PhD scholar of art and neuroscience. My work is a visual fusion of East and West, drawing together philosophies and practices of traditional Chinese Painting with Western Modernism. Continue reading

Dave Pollot: My name is Dave Pollot. I live in the Finger Lakes region of NY, and I’m a former software engineer turned full-time artist. Continue reading

Kyle Dunn: My name is Kyle Austin Dunn and I’m a visual artist working in Oakland, California. Continue reading

Hafftka: I have been an artist for 50 years. I would say the subject matter of my work is the human condition. I express myself in visuals that are not illustrative or realistic, yet they create the basis for people to relate emotionally. Continue reading

Jake Andrew: GM! I’m Jake Andrew, a multidisciplinary artist and experimental musician with synaesthesia. My practice sits at the intersection of physical and digital art, and my work focuses on the way the mind can perceive audio or emotional stimuli as color, texture, shape, and movement. Continue reading

P1A: Hello, I am Pia or P1A, 26 years old, based in the dynamic city of Istanbul! I’ve been involved in the art world since age 15, by choosing to study fine arts at an early age, following my passion for multi-disciplinary mediums. So, I studied stage and costume design with puppetry and continued with my studies in conceptual art! Continue reading

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Published by Brady Evan Walker

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