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We are thrilled to have spent time with the famed artist Makelismos. His work is revered by many, from Madonna to Pope Francis, and his ongoing project, The MAKELISMOS is in its second year, giving a second life to many famed works in the form of Art, technology, and fashion. As part of his ongoing project, “Every Child Is An Artist”, Makelismios is partnering with The Crypt Gallery in an NG drop on March 8th, 6 pm EST.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your career, and how Makelismos the brand started?

I always liked to draw, since school, but when I had to choose a university path I decided on Advertising instead of Arts. I don’t regret it because I developed my career as a screenwriter which I enjoyed and learned a lot. It was during a break between programs when I decided to return to Mallorca and do resume painting. Painting actually has parallels with the creative process of a screenwriter, so I continued to create, but instead on canvas and not on a script. The truth is that it was a real surprise how quickly everything precipitated. I published one of my works on Instagram and the pilot Jorge Lorenzo contacted me to carry out a commission. From there, and always with Instagram as an expansion tool, numerous top sports stars from the United States contacted me. The ball grew and reached Madonna, Cara Delevingne, Cam Newton, Manny Machado, Jarvis Landry, Antoine Griezmann, Vinicius Jr… and Pope Francis himself. The MÄKELISMOS ( project was born two years ago together with my partners Jesús Moreno and Alfonso López. We wanted to give a second life to the works in the form of technology, fashion, and art. The truth is that we knew it could work, but not so quickly and with such a good reception.



What inspires you about art? Who are your artistic influencers?

I am inspired by a movie, a book, a character from history, a song… I am inspired by those characters who were different, who made their existence an event that transcends their lives.
Dalí, Picasso, Velázquez, Twiggy, Basquiat, Keith Haring, James Rosenquist, Einstein, Mohamed Ali… there are many who have had an influence on me when it comes to creating.
These are people I admire not only professionally, but also for their capacity for social and cultural transformation, beyond their eccentricities.

How do you make your art? What is your process in inspiration, planning, creation, and releasing?

I usually drop my daughter off at school and go to the studio. There are always days that are much more productive than others, it all depends on the inspiration of the moment, but having that routine allows me to more easily attract that inspiration. I don’t believe or, at least, I don’t entrust everything to the lashes and the muses that suddenly arrive and save you. Once in my work area, there are days in which I dedicate 10 hours to paint, others 4 hours… it depends on various factors, but rarely is there a day when I don’t
make progress on a work. Nowadays, fortunately, I have a high workload that requires me to go to the studio 6 days a week. I’m not complaining, quite the contrary. Being able to organize my week as I please is a luxury that I greatly appreciate.



What advice would you give to other artists starting out?

I would tell them that, as in all facets of art, the most important thing is what each one keeps and their way of channeling the expression and gaze of the world through a canvas, a song or a cooking recipe. I am not the one to give life advice but I would like to emphasize that the most important thing is to want to tell stories, express feelings and looks. Everything else, fame, applause, and likes are a flash in the pan, it has to be secondary or a consequence, and not at all the reason or objective of creation. I would also like to add that knowing how to manage frustration is essential. To continue, and continue, and continue doing what one loves is the key, despite the fact that sometimes they try to make us see that what we do is not good enough.

How did you first hear about NFTs and why did you choose to expand into this industry?

It’s funny because the first person who talked to me about it was Micah Johnson, with whom I frequently talked about art. Now look at him, his progression in this area is incredible. It was with MÄKELISMOS and my partners that I started to give my 3D works a second life and, through The Crypt Gallery, we started this wonderful journey that has only just begun.

What has been your favorite experience in the art industry?

The experience with Pope Francis had a great impact on me. Firstly, because of the type of social profile and the openness it represents, secondly, because of its artistic sensitivity, which
explains a lot about its sensitivity in all other areas, and thirdly, because it is a solidarity event that took us, from the UN headquarters, where one of my paintings was auctioned for his
children’s foundation Scholas Occurrentes, until the solemn reception in the Vatican. Quite an experience. Madonna also had a great impact on me professionally. She is very clear about what she wants and she is very on top of the whole process. Regarding the NFT field, I share with my partners a premise which is that, regardless of the opportunities, we are guided by personal feeling. And that’s where we meet King of Midtown, Vasia Makris, and The Crypt Gallery team on the way. They are a benchmark in the field but,
above all, they are excellent people and professionals who respect art above all else. It is not easy in the business and artistic path to find the true key, which is none other than going hand in hand with wonderful, responsible, and talented people. They are, without a doubt, the best experience so far in the digital field. There are many more, but far from artistic and technical aspects, the person at the center of everything as the DNA of our work has made a perfect match with them. Very grateful and eager to continue growing together. Also, Moishe Mana, one of Miami’s artistic and technological promoters, has also impressed me a lot with his desire to leave a unique legacy, which he is undoubtedly achieving. Not everyone
with their possibilities decides to dedicate themselves to improving the lives of others.

Are there any upcoming projects or plans you’d like to share with the

We are launching an ongoing Every Child is an Artist collection with The Crypt Gallery. Next March 8th we’ll present in a 24-hour daily auction Dalí Child and we hope it’ll be another sold out as all our previous drops. “Every Child is an Artist” is a famous series of icons represented by children as an expression of that childish creativity that we should never lose. It will be a series that will continue throughout the next year with different icons. After being at Art Basel and The Gateway Miami, the first Web3 metropolis on the planet we’ll
have a presence as featured brand in NFT NYC where we’ll also present our on/ off business model to investors and to a specific NFT audience where our Web3 will be a meeting point of talented people, artist, creators… on a platform full of benefits for our collectors. Shortly after we will return to the USA, in this case to Los Angeles to start another partnership with an important agent in the art field in Beverly Hills. In addition, we are going to start an artistic collaboration with Hard Rock Hotel and expand the fashion collection strategy to both Europe and the United States. If all goes well, we are open to fashion partnerships and interesting investors for the brand. We are very excited about our many upcoming projects!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

The best is always yet to come. Thank you for the interview and for the cultural promotion that you do!

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