John Terry – captain, leader, legend… pe Ape Kids Club FC head coach John Terry

As the transfer window enters its final game, there has been a familiar sub-theme over the past few days – another chapter in the ballad of Usman Dembele.

This is the strangest thing in sports life. Dembele is only 24 years old. He joined Barcelona for միլիոն 96 million in August 2017, one of several steroid deals on Neymar’s Qatari inflation target.

During the years when Dembele actually became a prisoner of money. “Barcelona” can not afford to keep him. No one else wants him on those destructive terms. His career has turned into a kind of gilded stagnation, something that really only comes to life when the subcontractor, which has not been able to sell Usman Dembele cranes for two years.

At the end of which he is no longer mainly a football player, but rather a kind of sub-prime bond, a human debt machine, to keep it too hot, too hot to transfer.

Dembele has become irreplaceable. an asset whose value is limited և not transferred. և he և symbol, a sign of Barcelona’s fierce financial audacity. That journey is over inside the car. Here is a footballer who has literally become an irreplaceable sign.

And yes, this is a roundabout way for John Terry և Ape Kids Club’s weird business, an organization that manages to do an even weirder job than it seems on paper. The case started on January 19, when Terry wrote in his tweets: “Hello guys, I’m sorry to wait for you all, but I’m very excited to announce that I will sign a contract with AKFC.” It happened later! Except that Terry is not actually signing. He is credited as the “co-founder” of the company, which is primarily a website that uses football to sell common computer images of cartoon primates to children.

The Ape Kids Club currently has 112,000 Twitter followers, plus the site of a weird, weird man who is a little far behind. It looks like it was created at the slightly more established Bored Ape Yacht Club, which sells pictures of adult monkeys (do not hold), which was approved separately by Reese James.

The idea here is to create a noise, a feeling of something interesting, obligatory, that celebrities crave. Willian is on the ship. Ashley Cole “is glad to be a part of it.” A tall, self-assured man in Dragons Den could barely contain himself from the pictures of digital cartoon monkeys being sold to children. “Love the project. I’m here: “The best, the worst, the most moving and the most eloquent were the words of Jack Wilshere: ‘Thank you JT, I was buzzing to see this incredible journey that football brings to the blockchain.’ , until now, some annoying questions will bother you.

How do you actually “sell” monkey pictures online when the internet is an open digital field? Why does anyone really want that? And to what extent is this a pyramid scheme for child-centered celebrities? This is where irreplaceable tokens come in. NFTs are an interesting concept, a way to make a piece of online data a reality, in a unique, secure online storage box called a blockchain. These signs, such as a picture of a monkey that John Terry says is good, can be considered a commercial item because everyone agrees that although there are mostly lights on the screen, they have a unique existence.

John Terry as Aston Villa's assistant coach with Jürgen Klopp ahead of Liverpool's home game against Villa in April 2021.
Last season, John Terry was the assistant manager at Aston Villa, but his social media profile now describes him as the head coach of Ape Kids Club FC. Photo by Clive Brunskill / AFP / Getty Images

It creates a metaphysical puzzle. Can an object that has nothing to do with the physical dimension have an internal economic value? After all, money itself is just numbers on the screen. But money is exchangeable, it turns into things. The numbers are grid և finite. NFTs, on the other hand, ask you to take a greater intellectual leap into the plot of abstract value based on the ghost world of electronics, the life of the screen, the digit.

At the end, John Terry sells a picture of a monkey in a football uniform to your kids. In fact, even the picture, the link to the picture բան something, somewhere is just beginning to feel good. Is this okay? John? Can you talk to Jack about blockchain again?

The great thing about NFTs is that they are often the work of a well-known digital artist. People want to buy them as originals. This seems like a convincing option for the future. In contrast, pictures of baby monkeys are common. Their value lies in the fact that Terry և other players get excited and give their names. Fair enough. The shops are full of trifles and craziness. Why should we care about this one? First of all, because it is an unstable, unregulated product, a pyramid of supposed value that could simply collapse at any moment. Do you even own the copyright to your image? And while we’re on it, the football authorities are at the door, asking about their images, their intellectual property.

Plus, of course, there is a problem of personal interests. NFTs are partly sold as speculation. Here is an investment that rich and influential football players are inspired by. But why do they do it? Terry is not a partner-buyer-investor. He is the owner.

He is the salesman who is arming the persuasive forces, the deep commitment of football, to selling the speculative half-product, which only seems like a really good idea if it can afford to throw a little money at the wall. Otherwise the risk, well, the risk is yours, children. And beyond that, there is something a little sad in all this.

What is John Terry doing here? “What part of him did he see?” yes it’s me That’s what I want to achieve as a club legend. Terry took his UEFA license and talked about creating a managerial complex. Right now, his social media profile avatar identifies him as the head coach of Ape Kids Club FC.

It was inevitable that football would be involved. Players are always sold items. They exist in a world of transactions, bargaining, special investments, a place where the moment has to be taken, where the value is variable, temptingly uncertain.

Look at the sign on the screen of your order, who knows, you may even glance at Usman Dembele, who floats in his tin can, prestigious real estate, gains value, loses value, still sealed in his own distant magical land.

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