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Are you interested in the world of gaming and Web3? If so, you may want to take a look at Arcana, a new project that aims to provide a digital identity for gamers.

Arcana will be releasing a collection of 5,888 PFP (profile picture) NFTs, with 4,500 available for purchase during the minting event. Each NFT will cost 0.1E, and will be tied to the holder’s gaming achievements.

But Arcana is not just about collecting NFTs. The project is building a web app called A.C.E. (Arcana Credentialing Engine), which will serve as a “LinkedIn-like platform for gamers and Web3 natives.” ACE will allow users to pull in their gaming achievements from web2 games, and use them to earn badges in the form of “soul-bound tokens.”

These tokens will be stored immutably and will allow the holder to improve their Arcana PFP NFT. The more achievements the holder earns, the more they level up in the Arcana ecosystem and earn more badges.

The Arcana project has a clear roadmap, with six phases that include the minting and revealing of the NFTs, building out the ACE platform, avatar customization, community building, partnerships with gaming companies, and monetization.

The team behind Arcana is experienced in gaming and tech, and has high-profile advisors in web3 and web2 gaming. They have also been backed by five venture firms.

While Arcana may be primarily focused on serious gamers, its concept of a gaming passport and its actual product with utility could see positive adoption. However, the project does have high execution risk, given the crowded space it is entering.

If you’re interested in Arcana, you can find out more on their Twitter account and Discord server, as well as read their whitepaper. The minting event will take place on Monday, March 6, 2023, so mark your calendar if you want to participate.

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Arcana Lore

In 2028, gaming has become more popular than ever before. Many talented individuals have developed core skills such as art, language, writing, coding, socialization, and even entrepreneurial minds through their passion for gaming. However, despite this, gamers are still not recognized and are repressed.

In the midst of this adversity, a select group of gamers from all around the world receive an enigmatic invitation. The invitation promises an alpha test that will “realize the full potential of gamers and legitimize their standing.” The invitation only provides an address, date, and time, with no other details. Despite the lack of information, a few brave souls take the risk and accept the invitation, eager to unlock their full potential.

Upon arriving at a towering skyscraper, the chosen few are welcomed with solemnity as those who dare to create precedence. After the formalities are complete, the participants close their eyes in anticipation of a new reality, of something greater, something that goes beyond contemporary limits.

The realm begins to load, and passport access is verified. Then, something remarkable happens – Arcana Synthesis is confirmed. It is a moment of true realization for the gamers – they have finally found a place where their skills and talents will be recognized and celebrated. The journey to this moment has been long and challenging, but the reward is worth it. The gamers are ready to take on the world and showcase their full potential.

No bullshit is accepted here. Only dedication in our craft and pride in delivery.

About the Arcana Team

  • The team has extensive experience in Gaming, Platform Building, Tech & Crypto programming, and Finance across industries.
  • Prior experiences include Uber, Temasek, DBS, Standard Chartered, Microsoft, and IBM.
  • The team is united by shared passions in gaming, building for the future, and the drive to look beyond the surface.
  • In collaboration, they strive to unshackle the synergies between blockchain and gaming to move communities towards a better, more meaningful, and more sustainable era of Web3.
  • The team values dedication in their craft and pride in delivery, and does not accept any bullshit.
  • The team is affiliated with Promisphere.

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