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In the digital age, art is evolving, embracing technology and algorithms to create something previously unimagined. One artist at the forefront of this evolution is Andrew Mitchell, whose latest project “Flowers of Alfiren” is a testament to the brilliance of generative art.

A curated set of generative works, code stored onchain.


A Generative Journey

Generative art is about using algorithms to produce unique, unpredictable outputs. It’s a marriage of mathematical precision and artistic expression. Andrew Mitchell’s “Flowers of Alfiren”, created using JavaScript with the p5js library, is an epitome of this style. Each piece is distinctive, with its authenticity and immutability ensured by storing the script on-chain.

Mitchell likens his script to a “living entity”, a notion that captures the fluid nature of generative art. Over a span of a year, he meticulously drew each organism, evolving the script and thus the art it creates. The use of geometric functions to draw flowers rotationally ensures each piece’s intricate and complex nature. This dedication to craft is not just about aesthetics but also about creating a piece that grows and evolves, much like nature itself.

A Universal Appeal

Featured at “Art on Paper” in New York City in September 2023, Mitchell’s work successfully bridges the gap between the traditional and the digital. Its recognition in such esteemed circles speaks volumes about its caliber.

Personal assessments, such as its ability to pass the “hotel lobby test”, further emphasize its universal charm. The fluorescent colors, reminiscent of a blossoming garden, ensure it’s an artwork that would be appreciated in diverse settings.

Commercial Footprint

A look at Mitchell’s sales data gives us insight into his commercial traction. With an average sale price around 2-3E on SR and lower-end sales on Foundation, it’s evident that the market recognizes and values his contributions. The Nifty sales data, with an average sale price of $350 USD.

A Digital Oasis

“Flowers of Alfiren” merges the intricacies of generative art with the timeless beauty of nature. Mitchell’s dedication to refining the script and the artwork’s layered approach make it a standout piece in the realm of digital art. For those who wish to explore more, his works are accessible online through various platforms, showcasing his journey and evolution as an artist.

For a deeper dive, art enthusiasts and potential buyers can access Mitchell’s works on his Twitter @uncut_hems or view his previous NFT drops on Those interested in acquiring a piece from “Flowers of Alfiren” can do so on Foundation.

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