A White Label NFT Marketplace?

NFTICALLY is a global B2B SaaS platform that enables celebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs, and organizations to easily construct their White label NFT marketplace.

Celebrities and businesses may use NFTICALLY to control several aspects of their NFT hub, such as settings, Blockchain pinning, analytics, user experience, APIs, integrations, custom terms and conditions, and so on.

NFTICALLY is a pioneering cloud-based NFT Store launching solution with features like custom UI, social tokens for celebrities, KYC, USD support, and more.

The platform presently supports major blockchains like Ethereum Polygon: Binance Smart Chain:.

What is the White Label NFT Marketplace?


A platform that promotes people to develop, purchase, sell, transfer, and bid on NFTs is a White Label NFT Marketplace.

In a nutshell, it is a platform where producers and buyers may connect to trade crypto assets. In addition to having sophisticated in-built capabilities, the White Label NFT Marketplace allows for complete customization.

Why is NFTICALLY the best White Label NFT market?

White label nft market:

Every marketplace platform has its own set of traits that distinguishes it and makes it desirable. While you can do it yourself, a white label NFT Marketplace solution makes the work less time-consuming.


Here are some of the perks of minting and building your own White label NFT Marketplace on NFTICALLY.

  • Enterprise Friendly: KYC, Granular access permissions, In-built SEO Optimization, and automatic financing are just a few of the features dedicated to the specific demands of Celebrities & Enterprises – control, convenience, and security.
  • Multi-Blockchain Support: The thriving blockchain ecosystem is constantly evolving. We allow you the flexibility to set your business objectives for each collection inside a shop using several blockchains.
  • Everything about NFT at one place: From Airdrops to Social Tokens, NFTs to Unlockable Content, our users have access to the newest and most significant of what NFTs have to offer, as well as the option to connect their own CRM, Analytics and Marketing.

Key Features of NFTICALLY a White label NFT Marketplace:

White label NFT Marketplace:

Before we get into the rest of the features, consider why so many people are interested in: non-fungible tokens: and NFT markets.

Blockchain technology: enables the enshrining of rights and simplifies working with digital assets. What’s more, blockchain technology gives consumers trust that they’ll get what they desire. Other essential features are:

  • Whitelabel Storefront: It is a crucial feature. It should include bids, previews, owners, pricing history, and more.
  • Trade NFTs: Most easy and apparent method, buying and selling NFTs.
  • Fiat Support: It enables investors to purchase NFTs using fiat cash.
  • Use your Analytics: Analytics is the process of identifying, understanding, and conveying meaningful trends in data.
  • KYC Verification: Refers to the required procedure of validating the user’s identification, KYC is an abbreviation for Know Your Customer.
  • APIs: An NFT API is a critical component of any NFT dApp.
  • Security & Interoperability: Interoperability allows blockchains to exchange and access data and interact with one another.
  • Gated Links: Any material hidden behind a lead capture form is considered gated content.
  • Airdrop: An airdrop is a free release of cryptocurrencies, tokens, or NFTs to a web3 wallet address as a promotion or additional value for engaging in an activity or acquiring a digital asset.
  • ERC20 as Currency: ERC-20 tokens are blockchain-based assets with matter and can be sent and received.
  • Email Service Integration: Email integrations link systems, tools, and software for smooth email marketing activities.
  • Easy distribution: It implies that instead of minting the same NFT, you may mint a separate NFT and utilize all of these multiple platforms as distribution channels.
  • Team Access: As the name implies, it is a sort of token that provides owners access to gated communities, experiences, or items that may exist in either the actual or digital world.
  • Drag & Drop Store Builder: A drag and drop store builder is a feature that allows anyone with an internet access to create a store.
  • Cross-chain support: Enables users to move money from one blockchain network to another.

Do You Want to See Your Ideas Come To Life?

Once we’ve agreed on the project’s specifications, we’re available to discuss your project 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You are welcome to our development center to view your specifications developed right before your eyes. Discuss your platform with our project manager, developers, and designers. We will assist you in obtaining a visa and overcoming any travel obstacles.

Visit our: FAQs: or join our Discord or Telegram channels for help with any NFT-related queries.

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